Murex Managed Services

With years of Murex experience under our belt and a strong partnership by our side, we’re ready to provide truly valuable Murex managed services.

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What is Murex used for?

With powerful solutions for every asset class and business line, Murex offers many of the tools banks need to stay competitive.

As capital markets have changed, Murex has adapted with them to provide optimal business strategies regardless of funding limits or capital scarcities.

Functional coverage spans across real-time portfolio analysis, P&L support, and risk-based pricing and structuring. With the capabilities of their new MX.3 platform, your bank has access to a complete mix of products to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

These complex financial services have the power to accelerate your institution. With our expert implementation and setup, we can provide ongoing assistance that allows you to start quickly and focus on the tasks that are going to grow your firm.

Murex Implementation

We manage all parts of the Murex implementation process, including project envisioning, scope, and planning definition. We continue to support you and your platform after the implementation has been completed. The entire process is risk and worry-free as our seasoned experts manage everything for you so that you can focus on using these tools instead of setting them up.

From business environment setup & analysis to assisting in definition and requirement analysis, we’re ready to get your Murex platform up and running without the hassle. We meet your team where they currently are and work with them to get them up to speed.

We’ll configure and customize your Murex platform so that it works just right for you and your team.

We bring reliable process transformation to your door. Optimizing your stack allows you to access the full power of MX.3. Even front-end office business processes and analytics will benefit from seizing the opportunities inherent in the Murex platform.

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Murex and Digital Transformation

Our Murex migration plan drives your platform into digital transformation, and by leveraging DevOps, we can save on your future costs. Over time, we give your infrastructure the upgrades it needs to make it more flexible, ready to go remote and set it up to give you a lower cost to run.

We’re experts at Digital Transformation and use managed services to transform your firm, including getting your platform onto the cloud.

Murex MX.3

Murex Cloud

Where possible, our cloud migration plan is self-funding when added to current projects.

We always try to find a way to use your current budget to migrate onto the cloud. We identify the most advantageous systems to cross over and start taking the most effective action possible.

Adapt all of your operations and processes to work seamlessly regardless of geographic location or device.

Maintain and update one source of data, eliminating siloing of processes and services, and giving you full access to the insights waiting in your datasets.

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Murex Managed Services

Murex Support

Our Murex support is world-class. We’re committed to providing financial institutions with long-term, accessible Murex support. Platform problems are addressed by experts as soon as they pop up. We work around the clock to maximize uptime and give you reliable access to the tools your firm needs to stay competitive.

We provide consistent support designed to enhance your use of Murex, encourage stable growth, and manage your risks. We are as invested in your continued success as you are. We pride ourselves on putting in the effort necessary to fully understand the needs of our customers.

Same Time Zone

No matter where you are across the Americas, there’ll be a CPQi team ready to handle your support needs in your time zone and language. We know the importance of being available to address your issues on your terms. We do our best to work as a flawless extension of your current team, not outside antagonists.

We constantly look to improve the services we offer and hone our expertise. We see your success with the platform as our success.

We strive to give you the tools you need and take proactive steps to manage and maintain them.

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Murex Consulting

Our highly skilled team of Murex consultants respect your project needs and consult on crisis management, continuity planning, performance, & more. Get validated feedback from experts in the field. Benefit from a thorough evaluation of all your processes from a macroscopic overview down to the most granular process.

From RFI to RFP and into Proof Of Concept, CPQi is the ideal partner to help you. As an expert in modeling operations and with offices spread across the Americas, we have the resources you need.

CPQi is able to provide nearshore and split-site Murex consulting services. Let us come to you and scale our offering up and down to suit your need and your budget.


Our developers understand the complexity of your implementation requirements. All of our technical staff are required to study and get a banking qualification, so, you’ll never have an analyst or programmer working on your delivery that cannot explain the cash flows of a total return swap!

Their extensive mastery of both development and DevOps allows them to build out robust systems that perform perfectly while avoiding technical debt. With a dedicated team developing your Murex solutions, you will have the right tools for each stage of the delivery process.

We’re able to provide cost-effective factory software developers by leveraging our nearshore offices. You benefit from our expertise as we continuously innovate and deliver transformative processes. Improve functionality that goes beyond the standard release cycle. Use your real metrics to adjust and enable optimal services for your needs.

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Murex Implementation

Quickly start applying the most appealing use cases for the platform. Some of the features that we can get to work building out for you include:

  • Cross-asset trading – One appealing example is how easily the platform allows you to make capital usage and risk charges at the trading decision level. This is made possible by a native integration that follows trading and risk measures and gives you clear windows of risks and assets in real-time.
  • Cross product – OTC and listed, Flow and complex, country specifics with extensibility available.
  • Analytics – Smart tools right out of the box with multi-curve, collateral discounting, xVA, and specialty analytics.
  • Electronic Distribution – Benefit from one-click trading, RFQs, order management, executions, and operations services anytime, anywhere. Leverage both web and mobile apps to open up possibilities for your business.
  • Trade Management – Keep your trades always running smoothly with features like auto-completion, sanity checks, automated risk allocation.
  • Regulations and Reform – Stay on top of constant updates in the rules and regulations that govern your industry. Stay current on IBOR reform. The platform continuously adapts to new rules and regulations as they are released.
  • Pre-Trade Analysis – Perform vital checks and analysis before you make the trade. Check things like xVA, initial margin, and get access to limits checks in real-time.
  • Manage Portfolios – Make informed real-time decisions on all of your key performance metrics to maintain high performance across your entire portfolio. Access stress analysis, risk metrics, and P&L tools to keep ahead of the competition.
  • Connectivity on Demand – Perform execution and clearing options. Access execution and clearing as well as data providers.
  • P&L and Cash Management – Deftly allocate P&L and funding with access to a full suite of management tools.
  • Business & Operations Monitoring – Give managers the insight to properly manage operations with indicators for performance, activity, and operational risks.

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Our diverse team of seasoned experts provide the flexible solutions our clients need to start working with Murex quickly, securely, and on budget.