Referrals or job boards, major companies or small businesses? Finding someone who understands your businesses intricate requirements can be tricky. However, finding the best Murex consultant can transform your front, middle and back office operations. At CPQi, we believe we’re that team, here’s why.

Tons of experience

We’ve been working with Murex and providing Murex consultation for over 10 years, making us a long-standing partner and giving us years of experience to grow and develop into a company that truly understands your requirements. We are dedicated and are specialised in providing capital markets services like Murex support, giving us a strong edge in our field.

We’re flexible and cost effective

With over 200 employees situated in 8 offices across the Americas, our team is always able to adapt to new challenges. We’re not so large that your project is lost in a sea of others, nor are we so small that we’ll become overwhelmed.

When providing consultancy work, we’ll make sure you find the most cost-effective solution. Whether that’s leveraging one of the departments within CPQi, or allocating work internally, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. We have both local and nearshore teams, so if you need any work done we’ll be able to provide a cost-effective solution.

Murex Consultant

We can help you make your case

Our consultants understand what’s required to get the most out of meetings. From research, to regional requirements, we’re well prepared to help you present your business case for any Murex or Murex cloud related work you’re trying to get implemented.

A solid portfolio

Our clients come from a range of backgrounds. We work with clients globally, large and small. 6 of the world’s top 12 banks use our specialist services along with other substantial players in the capital markets field. We’ve done many Murex implementations and provided a wide range of Murex support.

Find the right Murex Consultant

We understand, and have worked with, banking workflows across the financial markets. Our strong background in banking has given us a unique insight into the front to back processes involved in capital markets. When we work with you, we see the whole of your organisation as a holistic ecosystem, and we understand how each part affects the other. It’s important to us to dedicate some time to understanding your in-house methodology, so that if necessary we can accommodate the way Murex works with the way you work.

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