Implementing a Murex platform can have huge, far reaching benefits across your capital markets business. Managing risk, securing trades and standardising processes are only some of the ways Murex can be a great investment for you and your bank. However, managing a major platform implementation can be tricky. As a leading provider of Murex support and implementation, we can help you get it right the first time.

Spread the cost geographically

It can be beneficial to work with a Murex implementation provider with nearshore and offshore offices capable of spreading the work in a cost-effective way. For example, at CPQi, we have offices across the Americas, so we can hire the best experts at great rates without losing out on excellent regional communications and client relations.

For example, if we work with a client in New York, they could have a New York team based near their offices working on the Murex implementation. However, if a technical development is required that doesn’t need regional specific skills, one of our expert nearshore specialists will complete the task under the guidance of our client’s project manager. This way, our team are both cost effective and in sync with our clients.

Consider moving your Murex implementation on to the cloud

Your Murex MX.3 platform can now work on the cloud, and the ramifications are huge. There’s a lot of pressure on capital markets businesses at the moment to be the safest, most efficient and most modern. New updates can be rolled out automatically, so your system will be up to date, efficient and modern at all times. Moving your Murex implementation onto the cloud is a great way of ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve and don’t have to worry about opening huge update project in the future. Moving onto the cloud can also be very cost effective, with environments costing less to manage and maintenance occurring automatically. Cloud based platforms can be held on either a public or private cloud setup, so you’ll get the set up that’s right for you.

Murex implementation

Speaking of which, DevOps!

Applying DevOps practices to your Murex platform implementation, in conjunction with using the cloud, will deliver a strong groundwork for your platform to succeed long-term. At CPQi, we use DevOps and the cloud to deliver and test continuously, so everything is as fast and efficient as it possibly can be. There are a large range of traditionally laborious, costly tasks that can now be automated using the new systems. DevOps will keep your new implementation sustainable long-term.

Make your team a part of the process from the beginning

A big part of implementing a new system can be getting everyone to use it properly. Often, when employees are used to one way of working, it can sometimes be stressful getting them to migrate over to the new system seamlessly. A great way of ensuring you get your Murex implementation right the first time is by making your team a part of the implementation from the beginning. Get them excited and interested! Tell them why you’ve chosen Murex and how it’s going to make their lives better. Show them how their work will be safer and why putting in a little effort and time into getting to grips with the new systems will be beneficial to them. We are often asked to be a part of training front and back office team members when implementing Murex, and we find team members who are excited about the change become a valuable aid to their business when shifting over.

Let CPQi help with your Murex Implementation

CPQi’s experience of providing Murex implementations will be a vital asset to your team. Our specialists are renowned in the industry and we are experts at delivering implementations efficiently and smoothly. All of our team members are trained to masters level in both banking and technology and have years of experience implementing Murex platforms for a range of banking organisations around the world. We take pride in our skill and integrity, we take each project seriously and you won’t get lost in a huge company with a mountain of processes and inexperienced project managers. We always deliver on our promises and we have a wealth of successes to prove it. Contact us for a commitment free consultation to find out how CPQi’s Murex consultation can get your Murex implementation right, the first time.

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