Once your Murex implementation is up and running, it’s important to get the right support in place. Improving efficiencies and driving the profitability of your trading team is well worth hiring real professionals, but where do you find them? There are several sources, and we will cover the benefits and negatives of each.

Assess your budget aiming for a high ROI and long-term sustainability

It can sometimes be romantic to play with the idea of cheap labour, or to simply hire someone your friend hired for ease. However, proper due diligence will prevent projects becoming more financially draining than originally projected.

Inevitably, research methodically

While word of mouth is a great way to find quality providers, any suggestions should be followed with scrutiny and caution. Ask for case studies, or a list of past clients.

Murex support

Look for a strong bond with Murex

What is their relationship with Murex as a company? Ideally, your supplier should have a strong relationship with Murex as a company with some degree of history, so that you know you are not funding the beginning of an enterprise.

A person or a company?

There are cons and pros to both. It’s important to question why someone self-employed is working independently rather than as part of a team. The reasons may be several fold, and each reason comes with it’s own problems. For example, this person may be very entrepreneurial and want to manage their own time, finances and future. This is certainly an admirable trait, but is an entrepreneurial spirit one you really want managing your Murex support, a more grounded and consistent job. You may end up with a person who is easily distracted by other projects, or who grows tired of day-in day-out consistency. Perhaps the original excitement of problem solving may keep them focused, but unless their financial future is intimately tied in with the success of this project, it’s possible you’ll find yourself with no team at all after a few months. Understanding the motivations of an independent supplier will go a long way in helping you decide if that person is worth the investment. On the other hand, if the company you hire is very large, you may be pushed to the bottom of the priority list and find yourself provided for by amateurs. Often, very large companies can find it difficult to procure and maintain the best talent at the rates they provide. The last thing you want is a new graduate with little knowledge and even less skill providing you with Murex consultation.

We are skilled professionals who provide Murex support

CPQi is a specialised business, with a strong team and an even stronger track record. All of our employees are trained in both banking and technology, giving them a holistic understanding of your Murex needs. 6 of the world’s top 12 banks are our clients, so you know you’re in good hands. We have offices across the Americas, so you will have a local team with an intimate understanding of your culture, language and regional regulations, as well as access to a larger network. We provide highly specialised services and are experts in our field. Don’t create extra work for yourself, get the right Murex managed services, the first time round.

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