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Many pension institutions are currently seeking out new methods for attracting and retaining clients. With CPQi’s pension fund technology and consulting, your financial institution can provide digital services that appeal to today’s financial consumers and keep them invested in what you have to offer.

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What is Pension Funds Technology and Consulting?

Financial consumers these days hold different expectations compared to older generations. As clients within the financial industry develop a greater interest in digital services, pension fund agencies must work to evolve alongside the industry.

Pension funds technology and consulting include the various services and innovations used to meet these new client expectations. With the support of a strong FinTech team, a financial institution can enjoy many benefits from this technology, including:

  • Heightened Client Retention: The key to retaining clients in this digital age is to offer the services they are looking for. A good FinTech team will recognize the importance of offering your customers personalized services made to meet their specific needs.
  • Improved Communication: An inherent enabler to digitization is the removal of departmental siloes. This opens up many new channels of communication, both within an institution and externally with clients.
  • Greater Efficiency: FinTech solutions for pension funds often involve the automation of internal processes. By embracing automation, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness can both be increased.

Challenges Facing the Pension Funds Industry

Pension fund agencies are facing new challenges every day brought about by the ongoing technological revolution in finance.

These challenges include:

  • Less Focus on Retirement: Younger generations are moving into adulthood and becoming the dominant demographic in the financial industry. As they do, financial institutions are seeing a decreased interest in traditional pension funds and retirement strategies.
  • Increased Digital Expectations: Current financial consumers are adapting quickly to technological evolutions across the industry. This has resulted in an increased demand for digital and virtual services – a type of service which many pension fund providers have not yet adopted.
  • Greater Reliance on Self Service: As consumers become more expectant of digital services, they are simultaneously moving away from in-person proceedings. Pension funds must now re-focus some of their efforts to provide clients with self-service options and seamless digital experiences.
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How CPQi’s Pension Funds Technology Can Help

Our teams at CPQi pride themselves in their dual-expertise in both technology and finance. Not only do we offer top-notch digital solutions, but we also ensure those solutions are backed by the proper financial protocols needed for compliance.

When you work with CPQi, you can choose between a full range of services depending on your needs. We offer solutions for front, middle, and back offices. These solutions include everything from development and testing to consultations and implementations.

Benefits of CPQi’s pension funds technology solutions include:

  • Improved Customer Engagement: During our consultation services, we analyze the needs of your customers to determine the best plan of action for attraction and retention. Once our solutions have been implemented, we then use advanced data and analytics to help you boost customer interactions and overall engagement.
  • Lower Operational Costs: We design our services and solutions to not only improve your operational productivity but efficiency as well. Using various technologies, such as AI and machine learning, we help you automate several processes. In turn, your operational costs can be lowered significantly.
  • Expert Support: Our expert support staff at CPQi are always on standby to help navigate and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. We offer comprehensive consultations, advice, and ongoing support for pension fund providers.
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CPQi Provides Fully Managed Services

A major component of our business model at CPQi is to provide the support you need before, during, and after a digital transformation or managed service project. For pension fund agencies eager to boost customer retention, this is especially important for ensuring the success of your technological transition.

To succeed in the upcoming decades, pension fund agencies and institutions must adopt a digital approach that is customer-centric. CPQi helps financial institutions to achieve their digital goals, no matter what stage they are at in their transformation.

Our services include:

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Wealth Management Consulting Services

Pension Fund Consulting Services

Strong digital strategies start with an initial consultation. Our experts are committed to thoroughly analyzing your current state of affairs. We will examine what legacy systems and technology you already have in place in order to determine the best platforms and options for your business.

After the initial consultation, we keep in close contact as we carry out the chosen solutions. We offer round-the-clock support from our experienced team of FinTech experts.

For institutions that offer pension funds, our consultation services will also take a close look at what is and is not working for customer retention. We use advanced analytics and data gathering models to help your business gain improved insights about your clients.

Managed Services

Implementing and maintaining new technologies at a financial institution can be a hefty project. For pension fund agencies, having the proper resources and support is essential for keeping your digital platforms and services up to date and operating smoothly.

Our managed services provide you with everything you need to succeed. We take the stress of maintaining complex systems and platforms away from your team. This allows them to spend more time focused on the needs and demands of your clientele.

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Digital Transformation

At CPQi, we have all the capabilities needed to provide you a full digital transformation – no matter how far along you are in your technological transition.

These capabilities include:

  • Platform Implementations: CPQi is partnered with several of the world’s top financial platforms such as ServiceNow, Calypso, Moody’s CreditLens, Salesforce, and many more. Plus, we help you to integrate your legacy systems so that your operations never slow during the process!
  • Cloud Migrations: Migrating to the cloud offers pension fund providers many advantages. These include significantly increased scalability, centralized storage of information and data, and high-level security.
  • DevOps: We utilize DevOps methodologies to dramatically improve your speed of development and delivery. This union of development and operations teams allows for software and products to be released continuously and quickly.
  • Omnichannel: Clients expect easy access to all of your services, no matter what channel they are arriving from. An omnichannel strategy does exactly this, enabling all services through every channel available and thereby personalizing the experience further for your clients.

Regulatory Compliance

Changes to regulation for financial institutions are being released in increasingly large volumes. To keep up with these changes, CPQi implements automation technology and manages regulatory change compliance for pension funds.

Through automation and managed services, we establish systems that update in line with regulatory requirements without requiring an abundance of additional maintenance and attention from your team. As a result, more of your team’s time can be spent listening to and addressing the needs of your customers.

Our teams at CPQi are highly trained in the complexities of compliance. We ensure our experts are always up to date on the latest regulatory changes.

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Predictive Technology

Financial markets and customer expectations are constantly evolving. This continuous change can be daunting for pension funds that need to provide consistent services to their clientele.

With the help of CPQi’s predictive technology and AI, pension funds can stay ahead of the curve when it comes to market fluctuations and changing demands.

Additionally, AI can be employed to provide customers with highly personalized and automated experiences. This can include things such as advanced advisory models operated through machine learning.

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