Predictive Technology

Our AI’s prediction value is flexible enough to glean vital insights from past, present, or future trends. We can use your legacy data to reveal patterns of activity that are normally overlooked.

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Our predictive technology ensures early engagement with customers helping you reduce your losses with ground-breaking predictions on risk, and enabling you to improve your revenues.

At CPQi, we work to find innovative ways to deploy our AI engine to help banks and financial institutions make sense of exponentially increasing data sets.

The result is an enterprise that is faster, more agile when problems arise, and more prepared to innovate for consumers.

Business & Industry Specific Insights

Our AI engines are personalized around your business, leveraging your data to give you unprescedented insights. Our AI can produce highly accurate, honed risk management prediction models, often utilized by institutions in capital markets.

The predictions arise from your data, IT infrastructure, history, and general workflow. We don’t use third-party resources to bring the power of AI to fruition. The intelligence gleaned is your own.

You have vast amounts of data, structured and unstructured, so you need ways to manage operations more efficiently – and at a better price point. Machine learning innovations support the measurement and prediction of risk with granular, personalized models to keep your employees in control.

Our AI engine, powered by machine learning, can identify risk indicators much faster than traditional solutions that can’t operate in real-time.

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A System That Evolves

Unlike risk management systems of the past, our artificial intelligence technology learns over time, keeping you ahead of the game.

At CPQi, our AI engines are agile enough to dissect data to uncover volatile patterns in activity.

We propel AI to new frontiers in the banking industry by further automating daily manual tasks and improving the predictions of current employees and processes.

It’s a mistake to assume that AI will replace your workforce. You’ll still need people to manage and optimize the AI to achieve maximum return on investment.

It would be best if you didn’t fall into an arms race with your competitors. A system that evolves won’t need a full rip and replace it when the next technology cycle comes around.

At CPQi, we look forward to bringing the groundbreaking potential of AI to fruition. Our vision is to develop machine learning models that reinvent the way banks and financial institutions leverage IT for insights.

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

Measurable Value

AI isn’t a set of rules; it is a uniquely structured, personalized system that trains itself to provide the highest possible percentage of predictive accuracy.

Our AI’s prediction value is flexible enough to glean vital insights from past, present, or future trends. We can use your legacy data to reveal patterns of activity that are normally overlooked.

Today, AI is no longer in the theoretical realm. It’s now a ground-breaking capability that can prove its value to the enterprise if implemented correctly.

At CPQi, we start by looking for the quick wins that prove the value of predictive analytics to the business. There are several use cases where AI is proving its value to the enterprise, mainly automating mundane processes and providing predictions in trading fluctuations.

Fraud detection and mitigation is a strategic arena where machine learning excels, among other benefits. We’ve created an AI engine that can pinpoint intelligence and identify patterns that no human analyst could uncover.

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AI in digital transformation

Harmonious Collaboration

Our AI systems aren’t designed to replace your business workflows, but to work with your teams to predict patterns in trading.

We believe that human creativity and imagination enhance and develop a scalable and data-driven AI engine. CPQi stands in a position to contribute to the evolution of financial IT like never before.

Machine learning and predictive technology are two core competencies that we’re proud to offer, and we have the track record to show the fruits of our collaborations.

An Agile, Human Team

We also believe that AI won’t fully replace your employees; it will make them more agile when decisions need resolving quickly.

Technology is only as good as its implementation. With predictive technology, your team can come together and use an AI-powered platform to stand at the forefront of banking innovation.

It’s a significant shift in positioning, but we believe it’s a shift toward new platforms that empower enterprises with one-of-a-kind predictive insights.

Costs go down when team members are free to provide value to the customer, not wasting hours using software that may eventually obsolesce.

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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Reliable Implementation

CPQi has a proven track record of providing expert implementations to a range of industries. Throughout our journey, eight of the top twelve banks have trusted us to deliver on-time and under-budget. Our work speaks for itself after undertaking such enormous challenges.

We’re proud of our track record for quality and reliability. Furthermore, we require that all of our developers and IT technicians certify their qualifications to work in the banking industry. At CPQi, the implementation intricacies, particularly of an AI engine, are never too great for our team. Our goal is to develop resilient, innovative platforms built by AI’s potential in the financial industry.

Financial institutions have varying needs depending on the level of tech maturity. Our AI engines drill down to the most critical aspects of predictive technology, AI, and risk management. The results are faster predictive insights and increased economic value across the enterprise.

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Invest in a cutting-edge prediction model with proven, measurable value.