Why is Predictive Technology essential now?

Our predictive technology ensures early engagement with customers helping you reduce your losses with ground-breaking predictions on risk, and enabling you to improve your revenues.

Business & Industry Specific Insights

Our AI engines are personalised around your business, leveraging your data to give you unprescedented insights.

  • Predictions are based on your data, history and workflow.

  • Support the measurement and prediction of risk with personalised models, keeping your traders in control.

A System That Evolves

Unlike risk management systems of the past, our artificial intelligence technology learns over time, keeping you ahead of the game.

  • Our AI engines analyse and dissect the data you feed it to see a pattern in the activities that lead to volatile environments.

  • AI learns consistently and on it’s own, giving it unprescedented accuracy and foresight.

Predictive Technology

Measurable Value

AI isn’t a set of rules, it is a uniquely structured personalized system that trains itself to provide the highest possible percentage of predictive accuracy.

  • You can measure our AI prediction value against past, or future, trends.

  • We’ve moved beyond theory, our ground-breaking AI engines are able to provide measurable value, today.

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Harmonious Collaboration

Our AI systems aren’t designed to replace your business workflows, but to work with your teams to predict patterns in trading.

  • Human creativity and vision are enhanced and developed with scalable, data-driven AI.

  • Give your traders exciting new technology that will give them pride and confidence in their decisions.

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Reliable Implementation

CPQi has a proven track record of providing expert implementations to a range of industries.

  • 6 of the world’s top 12 banks trust us to deliver on time, and under budget.

  • From developers to trainers, our range of experts are required to take a qualification in banking, so they’ll always understand your unique requirements.

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A smart and secure way to invest in Predictive Technology

Invest in a cutting-edge prediction model with proven, measurable value.

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