CPQI has been featured in the August issue of Technology Magazine.

In this exclusive interview, CPQi’s Founder & CEO Terry Boyland revealed how, with a focus on digital transformation, predictive artificial intelligence, DevOps and cloud migration, his team provides managed services, including building, implementing and supporting financial markets systems for leading American economies.

Digital transformation has swept across the banking industry. As the provision of financial services adapts to the developing digital demands of consumers, key trends have begun to emerge. Reacting to those trends, CPQi boasts the successful delivery of over 25 platform projects and numerous build projects with a keen focus on digital transformation. Boyland has positioned CPQi to support the technological evolutions reshaping how the world does business via four key pillars: Cloud, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence and an Omnichannel strategy.

Boyland believes we are in the midst of the biggest change in the history of banking… “Three major themes are beginning to emerge now within the financial markets,” he says. “Open banking may be far more prevalent in Europe than it is here in the Americas, but the philosophy behind it is huge. Simply stating that I own my financial data and that I can direct that financial data to wherever I want without constraints from a bank or insurance company. That basically gives me the right to build my own financial experience.

“And with that, I can construct my own Neobank… Fintech institutions that don’t have a banking licence can borrow one from a bank. By using modern technology, all of the delivery methods are available to attack particular markets.”

Meanwhile, the change in open banking has ushered in the third biggest change – the rise of cryptocurrencies. “Crypto’s are becoming more mainstream,” highlights Boyland. “The American government is talking about a parallel electronic currency to the dollar and Japan is considering the same. This should provide an element of stability…”

“We believe that a sense of urgency (but never panic) drives our results. As business models evolve in this fast-changing world, we know that the ability to be agile is essential to success. Loyalty to us is a three-way partnership between our clients, our company and our employees. Quality has to be at the heart of our business, after all, our systems drive the global economy.”

BizClik’s Consulting Editor Dan Brightmore commented: “Terry is driving and maintaining CPQi’s agility to consistently break new ground for the delivery of financial services.”

You can read the report in the latest issue of Technology by clicking HERE

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