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As banking ecosystems transform daily due to technological innovation, the private banking sector must evolve and adapt to prosper. At CPQi, we offer precise and personalized private banking technology and consulting solutions. We design our services to not only support private banks in the digital era but also to boost the satisfaction and loyalty of their clientele.

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What is Private Banking Consulting and Technology?

The private banking industry is no stranger to lofty client expectations. Your clients likely seek out institutions that offered highly personalized services with clear added value.

Private banking consulting and technology involves the use of digital tools and resources to optimize such services and their related process. When properly employed, private banking technology can transform how a financial institution communicates and interacts with its clients.

Private banking technology can transform many essential processes within the industry, including:

  • Investment Advice: With the help of private banking technology, advisory models can not only be automated but can be personalized to each client to the fullest extent.
  • Wealth and Asset Management: Private banking clients have high expectations for institutions when it comes to the management of their wealth and assets. The right technology services and solutions can help improve customer satisfaction through clearer communication and faster delivery of software and applications.
  • Data Analysis and Trend Predictions: Digitally-based data analytics offer far greater accuracy and precision. Plus, technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning pose massive opportunities for improving trend analyses and predictions.

Challenges Facing the Private Banking Industry

  • Sophisticated Client Needs: Private banking clients have always expected highly personalized services. However, as private banking clients become wealthier and more diverse, the scope of their needs becomes more sophisticated and complex.
  • Increasing Transparency: Clients of this industry inherently value their privacy. At the same time, increasingly strict and demanding compliance requirements are forcing financial institutions to be more vigilant in their scrutiny and documentation of clients’ private funds. As a result, establishing trust between clients and private banks is paramount.
  • Digital Communication: As the age of technology continues to rock the financial industry, the private banking sector must evolve to meet digital expectations. Clients these days not only expect seamless digital experiences but also clear communication across all digital and traditional channels.
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At CPQi, We Provide Top-Notch Technology and Consulting

Our teams at CPQi are financial and technological experts. We understand the complexities of implementing digital innovations into private banking institutions.

CPQi’s capabilities include software and application development, platform implementations, and testing. We offer a full range of services to help private banks transform and optimize their front, middle, and back offices.

Benefits of CPQi’s private banking technology and consulting include:

  • Customized Solutions: We recognize that every business is different. When you work with CPQi, your institution is guaranteed to receive services and solutions that are tailored to its exact needs.
  • Heightened Productivity: Our teams leverage innovative technologies to automate many essential processes for private banks. By doing so, your team has more time to allocate towards new projects and client needs.
  • Greater Efficiency: CPQi’s digital solutions and technology are designed with your budget and efficiency in mind. We work diligently to create systems that boost your profitability while also lowering operational costs.
Private Banking Technology

CPQi Offers All the Private Banking Technology Services You Need

No matter what stage of a digital transformation your financial institution is at, CPQi has the services you need. We offer private banking technology to help you meet your clients’ needs with ease while also providing better support and resources for your team.

Technology is reshaping the private banking sector, causing major shifts in customer expectations and presenting banks with new compliance hurdles to overcome. At CPQi, we offer comprehensive services to ensure financial institutions have the digital resources, development, and support they need to thrive.

CPQi’s services include:

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Private Banking Consulting Services

Before beginning any new project or service, our consulting teams at CPQi take the time to get to know you and your institution.

Our private banking consulting services analyze your current state of affairs, including which legacy systems you are currently using. From here, we work with you to create a customized strategy built specifically for your institution.

During CPQi’s consultation, we help you outline your company goals and determine which solutions will provide the optimal results.

Managed Services

Dealing with new technologies and systems can be a major time commitment. For private banks, allocating this time to digital transformation and maintenance is often simply too much for your already busy teams.

CPQi offers fully managed services to not only provide thorough implementations but also offer your institution ongoing support and maintenance to keep your systems operating smoothly.

By utilizing our managed services, you release your team from the responsibility of maintaining complex technologies. As a result, more of their time is spent working to onboard and retain clients.

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DevOps and Omnichannel

The speed at which you deliver products to and communicate with private banking clients is crucial.

At CPQi, we utilize the DevOps methodology to help unite your development and operations teams. Removing departmental barriers is the key to minimizing development lifecycles and ensuring your clients are receiving continuous deliveries of new software and products.

On the communication end, we embrace an Omnichannel approach that enables customers to receive the same services and care no matter which channel they are using. This helps greatly in boosting client satisfaction and loyalty.

Platform Implementations and Regulatory Change

A major benefit of working with CPQi is gaining access to several of the top platforms within the industry. We are partnered with many major financial platforms, including Salesforce, Murex, and Moody’s CreditLens.

Our team has performed over 25 platform implementations for major banking clients, providing top-quality reliability and thoroughness.

During your initial consultation, we will examine your legacy systems and help you decide on a platform that best suits your existing digital infrastructure and needs.

Introducing new technologies and digital systems into a private bank’s infrastructure is not without risk – and with those risks comes new compliance considerations.

When you choose CPQi for your private banking technology needs, you can rest assured knowing our teams are financial experts. We understand the many complexities of ever-evolving regulations and work to create systems that update automatically.

Maintaining good standing in terms of regulatory compliance is a necessity for any financial institution. With CPQi, your regulatory needs are always at the forefront of our strategies and methods.

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Cloud Migrations

The cloud has become a hot topic in the financial industry – and for good reason. This innovation can transform how a bank does business by enabling remote work environments and providing the scalability to handle fluctuating markets.

At CPQi, we are cloud experts. We help private banks employ cloud computing to automate and centralize many important processes and data.

There are many key benefits to migrating to the cloud. One of the main advantages is the ability to securely store client data and information in a centralized digital location. This enables both your team and your clients to access this information from anywhere at any time.

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