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We don’t just consult on regulatory requirements, we do the work for you. Our regulatory compliance teams are ready to make the changes you need to keep you in line.

Keeping Up With Changes

Banking regulations are changing at an incredible pace, making it difficult for financial institutions to keep up. We’re here to help, every step of the way.

  • We’ll make the regulatory changes required for you, so you don’t have to worry.

  • We understand the intricacies required of you.


FRTB Implementation

All banks must be fully FRTB compliant by January 2022, requiring immediate action to meet this tight deadline. CPQi understands the intricacies of FRTB and what is required to make trading systems compliant with the new rules, we can help you navigate the complex FRTB regulations and understand them from a practical, technology-focused perspective.


Categorising asset classes (GIRR, CSR non, CSR sec non, CSR sec, Equity, Commodity, FX) ensures long-term, regulatory success.

  • Our categorisation services spans from systems, such as banking and trading to maturity and buckets.

  • We provide core system alterations to hold classes, maturity, and bucket codes.

An Effective Approach

If possible, we can free up some of regulatory compliance budget to help bring your platforms into digital transformation mode. Our teams are experts at integrating from core systems to the SAMR engines and we provide risk engine (SAMR) implementation if needed.

Internal Approach

Our teams have years of experience implementing regulatory changes.

  • We are experts at risk engine implementation, integration from core systems to the IMA engine and risk scenario design modelling into the risk engine.

  • To bring you into regulatory compliance, we provide multi-level stress testing & back-testing and result management.

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