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We don’t just consult on regulatory requirements, we do the work for you. Our regulatory compliance teams are ready to make the changes you need to keep you in line.

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What we offer in regulatory change

Keeping up with regulatory change within the financial industry can be a frustrating and overwhelming task.

CPQi is here to help banks and other financial institutions save both time and money on staying up to date with regulations through our extensive and all-encompassing regulatory change services.

Keeping Up With Changes

Banking regulations are changing at an incredible pace, making it difficult for financial institutions to keep up. We’re here to help, every step of the way.

We’ll make the regulatory changes required for you, so you don’t have to worry. We understand the intricacies required of you.

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FRTB Implementation

All banks must be fully FRTB compliant by January 2022, requiring immediate action to meet this tight deadline.

CPQi understands the intricacies of FRTB and what is required to make trading systems compliant with the new rules, we can help you navigate the complex FRTB implementation regulations and understand them from a practical, technology-focused perspective.

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Categorising asset classes (GIRR, CSR non, CSR sec non, CSR sec, Equity, Commodity, FX) ensures long-term, regulatory success.

Our categorisation services spans from systems, such as banking and trading to maturity and buckets. We provide core system alterations to hold classes, maturity, and bucket codes.

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An Effective Approach

If possible, we can free up some of regulatory compliance budget to help bring your platforms into digital transformation mode. Our teams are experts at integrating from core systems to the SAMR engines and we provide risk engine (SAMR) implementation if needed.

Our teams have years of experience implementing regulatory changes. We are experts at risk engine implementation, integration from core systems to the IMA engine and risk scenario design modelling into the risk engine. To bring you into regulatory compliance, we provide multi-level stress testing & back-testing and result management.

What are Regulatory Change Services?

The banking and financial industry puts forth thousands of regulatory changes every year and staying on top of these changes and in good compliance can prove to be quite the monstrous task for most banks and other financial institutions. Not only are banks required to meet many changing regulations, but they are also required to prove and demonstrate proper compliance methodologies as well.

Regulatory Change Services, such as those offered here at CPQi, can greatly simplify the processes necessary for compliance. These services can include a variety of actions and tasks, including:

  • Monitoring and tracking changes to regulation
  • Implementation of FRTB requirements
  • Assistance with dealing with the LIBOR transition
  • Management and automation of activities related to regulatory change
  • Comprehensive consultations

At CPQi, our Regulatory Change Services are designed not only to keep your bank or financial institution up to date on the most recent regulations, but also to optimize your system and processes to keep the management of regulatory change simple and easy to execute.

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Benefits of Regulatory Change Services

There are many benefits to embracing regulatory change services, including:

  • Increased operational efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Easy to understand analyses
  • Simplification of internal processes through automation
  • Optimized management over all regulatory change activities
  • Improved preparedness for regulatory scrutiny and proving compliance

LIBOR Transition

With the December 2021 deadline looming for the LIBOR transition, it is of the utmost importance for banks to get on top of the necessary actions to meet the deadline as soon as possible. Many financial products have relied on LIBOR in the past, including:

  • Adjustable-rate mortgages
  • Municipal bonds
  • Private student loans

Transitioning away from LIBOR is no small task and will require hefty amounts of work and analysis to ensure a smooth transition and optimal customer satisfaction. The impact of the LIBOR transition on the lending market is a topic lending businesses should be considering now. There are many important considerations for banks to keep in mind regarding the LIBOR transition, including:

  • Locating and removing all references to LIBOR across all legal and financial documents, including every single contract using LIBOR as a reference
  • Determining which financial instruments will be most heavily impacted by the transition
  • Completing a thorough impact analysis
  • Leveraging operational costs to ensure the utmost cost effectiveness
  • Updating every single loan and mortgage to a new interest rate reference
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How CPQi Can Help with LIBOR Transitions?

CPQi has both the technology and financial expertise to help banks through this transition as quickly and effectively as possible, offering services such as:

  • Providing a complete impact analysis for your specific bank or financial institution
  • Building a system to automate the entire transitional process
  • Providing skilled LIBOR experts to assist with loan and mortgage transitions

With the combination of our technology and financial expertise, CPQi can handle the entire process for you with IBOR Transition Managed Services.

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Corporate Banking Technology

Automation of Compliance Activities

CPQi’s focus on the digital transformation of banking institutions places a particular emphasis on the importance and benefit of automating necessary processes. Automation can optimize many different systems and processes involved with regulatory change, including:

  • Identification of contracts or documents in need of updating
  • Automatic backup of data and information
  • Management and identification of security risks

Here at CPQi, we are committed to helping you build systems that can function independently and efficiently, eliminating the stress related to having to constantly ensure all systems and processes are up to date and operating accordingly.

Plus, we offer sophisticated predictive and AI technologies that can help you to make better sense of exponentially increasing data sets and provide you with business and industry specific insights.

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Salesforce for Financial institutions

Centralisation of Data

Having enormous amounts of uncategorised, unstructured, and unorganized data and information can be hugely detrimental to a financial institution’s ability to deliver to it clients with speed and accuracy. Moreover, it can greatly inhibit the ability to quickly determine whether an institution is in compliance with all current regulations.

By utilizing CPQi’s digital transformation and cloud migration services as part of a larger regulatory change services plan, banks can gain much greater control over where and how their data is being stored. Rather than having your information scattered across multiple computers and servers, cloud migration can allow you to keep your data in one central location. This provides additional benefits as well, including:

  • Allowing all authorized employees and personnel access to data from one central server
  • Evolving AI designed to keep cloud functions operating properly
  • A hands-free IT architecture that allows for lower operational costs
  • Increased resources

Security of Sensitive Financial Data

The security and safety of financial data is incredibly sensitive and requires the utmost care and consideration when working with cloud and AI services.

At CPQi, our team is made up of experts with expertise in the fields of both technology and finance so that our services and systems we build have the most up to date and effective security measures in place to protect your important information.

Plus, our consulting team is here to ensure that your team has the knowledge and support to run and operate any new systems or processes with ease. This type of specialized support is essential when dealing with regulatory change.

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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Build Cost Saving Systems

Here at CPQi, we can help you build new systems from scratch or implement according to whichever platform your institution prefers. At CPQi we value integration as one of our core competencies and can help to walk you through the uncertainties involved with cloud migration.

Cloud-based systems ultimately provide a much greater flexibility to your banking institution, which is highly necessary as privacy and data security laws are ever-evolving and scaling upwards in ways that can take a heavy toll on your budget with the support of the cloud.

Our reliable implementations can help you to not only get up to date quickly regarding new regulations, but also stay up to date all while minimizing budgetary expenses.

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