Salesforce for Banking

The digital era is here, and institutions are scrambling for a leading position. When properly optimized to suit your firm, Salesforce CRM revolutionizes the advisor-client relationship. True transformation comes from careful planning, strategy, and technical expertise.

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Find Salesforce Banking Solutions that work for your financial institution

Digital Transformation is a very present and universal imperative, all client sectors depend on remote access abilities and require a service that is both modern and efficient.

We are Salesforce partners with financial backgrounds and technical expertise in designing and developing custom Salesforce solutions for financial institutions across financial market sectors, helping financial institutions stay connected and competitive. We establish and optimize a secure digital foundation that lowers the threat of disruption and permits you to scale with ease.

We understand the nuances of creating enjoyable and remote banking customer experiences. We are experts at creating digital communities that properly serve clients, strengthen relationships and promote your brand.

Salesforce for Financial Institutions

Clients need personalized platforms that swiftly bring them the products, features, and services they seek. Salesforce for Financial Institutions enables you to get a big picture outlook on your relational network, providing the perfect platform for secure collaboration, ultimately maximizing advisor productivity, cutting costs, and helping you retain clients through overall improved service.

Our Salesforce customizations help buy-side and sell-side companies adapt and thrive in a remotely connected world.

Our implementations put the customer experience first while also supporting advanced decision making. You’ll continually deepen client knowledge, while lowering redundancies. Collaboration between colleagues continually becomes more effective, efficient, and location independent.

All financial institutions must take a digital first approach in building relationships, brand loyalty, and demand from their user base. Salesforce gives advisors a granular and community wide level view of client desires, goals, and wishes. Advisors gain more control of their own goals and their place in the firm, while building one-on-one client relationships.

Beyond the advisor-client relationship, Salesforce gives financial institutions clear insights into all relational connections. Whether they’re your own clients or not, the surrounding network created by spouses, children, attorneys, CPAs, business partners, etc is rendered visible. This is useful intelligence that helps create a better picture of who is being served and how best to add value.

Robo-advisors loved by millennials are no longer a threat. With Salesforce for Banking, advisors can track all asset groups, including robo-advisor investment funds. With this information displayed at a glance, advisor productivity skyrockets and younger clients are kept on board. 63% of investment clients want to be more involved in decisions. Your custom Salesforce implementation will provide the platform for secure collaboration.

As your Salesforce partners, we’ll configure any third-party apps needed to extend your advisor’s productivity and range of service. Our predictive technology and insights allows us to map the banking industry’s changes and implement software changes that keep you abreast.

Our goal is to maximize advisor productivity, cut costs, and help you retain clients through improved service. We configure Salesforce to have contextually useful information, visible at a glance from your entire book of business. The regulatory-compliant infrastructure is built to withstand expansions of service areas and new financial product offers.

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Salesforce for Insurance

Our Salesforce insurance customization helps sales offices, brokers, and agents manage disruption from demographics, economics, regulation, and the digital shift by precise tracking of business metrics and customer journeys.

Salesforce for insurance accurately tracks the entire customer journey and maintains sight over multiple channels. If frustrations arise from having to repeatedly start over, this can lead clients to quickly seek help elsewhere. We build-in strong capabilities that provide consolidated and clear views of business metrics, as well as relationships and opportunities.

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Salesforce Banking Customers

Salesforce for Banking and Wealth Management

With Salesforce for Banking, proper configuration, automated digital engagement and artificial intelligence, advisors are given an unparalleled depth of client insight. Every interaction and touch-point gathers valuable information and is relationship-enhancing. With automated workflows, bankers can keep track of high value deals and collect information. With customers now digitally oriented, financial services should make use of their willingness to engage and interact in real-time.

This is how traditional institutions can become nimble in today’s era and see new growth.

The clear and valuable insights that Salesforce gives to both retail mortgage brokers and corporate treasurers reduce risks and simplify complex information.

You’ll have a full picture view of a client’s financial accounts, assets, liabilities, and goals and we will ensure you have real-time client engagement in your Salesforce implementation.

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Salesforce for Financial institutions

CPQi’s Salesforce Banking Solutions

At CPQi we offer more than just technical capabilities, we operate as your strategic partner for financial Salesforce development. And with decades of senior banking experience and practical insight, CPQi is the prime choice for Salesforce implementation projects in all financial institutions.

We work solely in the financial industry and every team member has financial experience; from our ex-banking CIO leadership to programmers with finance certifications.

This gives us a holistic understanding of the financial industry and practical insights into your customer requirements, regulatory restrictions, internal processes and big picture needs.

With a wealth of insight from over a decade of banking experience, we understand how to truly optimize Salesforce for your financial institution.

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Creating the Cloud Community that’s Right for You

We provide Salesforce technical consulting, configuration, security, automated flows, components, triggers, Apex code and implementation to our clients. This is paired with team expertise in defining flows and parameterization. As an integrated advisory Salesforce partner, we walk you through what’s possible, act as your guide to architecture design, and then deploy our technical capabilities to carry it out, finally bringing complex customer journeys, workflows, and business processes into a single cohesive platform.

Salesforce is a powerful service because of its high customization and specialization performance abilities. What makes it work, also makes it a lot of work.
Our architecture design is based on our knowledge of what financial users and prospects experience. We derive our automated flows from experience in delivering for some the world’s largest financial companies.

We have the banking and technical expertise needed to manage the risks of change. Our financially specialized, Salesforce Managed Services deliver rapid institution-level digital transformation, while avoiding potential operational disruptions.

That’s why we focus on leveraging resources, optimization, cost control, continuous deployment, risk management, privacy compliance, and security.

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Salesforce for Investment Banking

Agile Financial DevOps

Our Salesforce implementation process is based on a DevOps method and is designed to control costs, rapidly deliver valuable products, and keep your data secure.

The digital banking era is already here. We understand your priority demands and focus on taking care of these first.

We use a DevOps-based method for our Salesforce implementations, which allows us to continually deliver results and adjust as needed.

Squads and Sprints

When configuring Salesforce for financial institutions, we model all project plans around high value and consistently developed deliverables. Projects are assigned to Squads of 5 – 12 people and are always led by an industry-experienced business analyst.

Several squads may be working on different projects for the same financial institution, thus speeding up development and delivery.

Continuous deployment from distributed teams gives you immediate and impactful returns followed by seamless ongoing development of new functions.

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Salesforce for Banking

Future-Proof and Secure Salesforce Implementation

As former bankers we know how important security is, so we build Salesforce implementations with intensely restricted encryption schemes. Sensitive financial data is kept protected with independently cryptographed systems developed right into the community.

We never see your company’s internal pre-processed and encrypted data, it’s safely stored in Salesforce databases. This provides another encryption level with a leak-free airtight environment. Our engineers fully develop and support your Salesforce implementation without the ability to see any data.

Using the same Salesforce license your company already owns, you will have a separated community cloud with an encryption external to Salesforce, one which you, the customer, holds the key for. Only corporate users with the appropriate access levels will be able to use it.

Your internal processes will be highly secured, leaving you with the capacity to deploy new community clouds when the need arises.

Safer in the Cloud

Financial service companies are safer and more efficient when operating from the cloud. Shifting responsibility to a separate, specialized entity allows more resources to be directed to core business functions. We’ll make sure you stay secure after our proprietary process with Salesforce Shield. These security tools monitor data access, data usage, and prevent malicious activity.

Without having to manage your own data center, you’ll have the benefits of security at infrastructure, network, and application levels. Your cloud-based Salesforce service will show information such as user activity patterns and who is accessing critical data, while giving administrators real-time ability to immediately block certain actions or users. You maintain full visibility and receive intelligent information on who is accessing sensitive data. Accurate records are tracked for things as minor as page refreshes all the way to data exports.

All data from your financial institution is encrypted while in transit between Salesforce and the end-user, and is encrypted while at rest. We make sure to implement Event Monitoring, Field Audit Trail, and Platform Encryption, helping to keep financial account information safely confidential.

With up to 10 years of forensic data-level audit trail history, all regulated data is treated correctly and automated according to your company’s standards.
Salesforce simplifies financial institution compliance requirements, with automated data management that complies with regulations, regional standards, frameworks, and acts. COSO, OX, FFIEC, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and more. Salesforce has you covered. It helps you stay compliant and protects valuable data from being poached.

A properly configured Salesforce implementation ensures good governance and protects against regulatory updates. The cloud is your strategic asset. As your Salesforce partner we’ll advise you on the right granular-level policies to enact.

This is scalable cloud-based architecture at its finest. Compliant, data secure, and able to grow as fast as you do.

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Leverage our Resources

We’ll implement your cloud-based digital infrastructure so you can integrate your data streams, collaborate with stakeholders, visually appraise client relationships, continually improve client understanding, weather disruptions, and quickly adjust to regulatory updates. With our Salesforce managed services we’ll implement and maintain the cloud-based infrastructure that efficiently sustains long-term growth.

The world is reeling and digital transformation is here. Your business should be even more effective remotely than it is in person.

Financial institutions that don’t provide accessible and intuitive, high-touch digital services are vulnerable to savvier competitors.

Salesforce Cloud Services have been shown to deliver an incredible five-year ROI of 478%. With Salesforce customized for your firm, you’ll secure your client base and have a stable platform for growth.

You chose Salesforce to strengthen advisor-client relationships, not to pour your own resources into maintaining it. As your Salesforce partner you can leverage our expertise and cost-effective DevOps method and keep your own company resources client directed.

We deliver products that bolster excellence and distinction, on time and on budget, for the world’s largest financial institutions. Let us do the same for you.

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