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Our technology services get your sell-side firm ahead of the competition with digital transformation and managed services. We will help you transition to a new generation of trading software.

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Regulatory Compliance

The reverberations of the global financial crisis are still felt across the financial industry with increased — and increasingly complex — regulatory reform programs. With compliance ever-changing and evolving, many organizations find it challenging to keep up, with many are spending a significant amount of capital on compliance and governance.

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) and IBOR transitions are posing serious headaches for side sell firms, with compulsory risk models requiring a balancing act between regulatory compliance and business profitability. Despite restrictions that hamper adding new volume to business, organizations are forced to spend more and more on compliance, with a KPMG report forecasting that regtech spending will spike to $76bn by 2022.

CPQI can help you keep up with regulatory compliance through either consultation or by managing and implementing these changes for you. With years of experience implementing regulatory changes across sell side firms, our team understands the complex and intricate administrative demands required to bring your trading systems in line. With a range of testing, risk engine implementation and integrations to IMA or SAMR engines, we can manage your transition into this new, more compliant, financial landscape.

Unlike other organisations, we don’t just consult on regulatory changes, we understand and execute the changes needed to bring your business into compliance. It’s stressful trying to stay ahead of regulatory changes, which is why CPQi are ready to take the job on for you. Whether you need to get in line with the IBOR transition or the Initial Margin, we’re here to support you with transparent, cost-effective services. We can bring your business into FRTB compliance. We understand the regional requirements for each country in the Americas and are ready to do the work for you.

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Digital Transformation

For reasons of competitiveness, efficiency and ease of use, more and more sales and trading businesses are going digital, with innovations like cloud storage allowing more flexible and secure remote access. But making the leap from a legacy setup to digital transformation doesn’t have to be difficult. Our approach is tailored around your current needs. Our trusted, expert consultation can advise you on every step of this transition towards a fully digital workplace.

With proven technologies and software designed precisely with these transitions in mind, you can relax in the knowledge that your data can be imported from your legacy systems and made available through your platforms on the cloud. With enhanced reliability and more secure options for remote working, you can work seamlessly across a range of different devices. Grant or revoke access to security permission easily, with an overall enhanced experience for portfolio managers, institutional investors, and more.

It’s no longer sufficient to run business as usual, keep the adventure alive with efficient trading and improved risk management by leveraging digital transformation. Support economic growth and prevent costly losses by leveraging our digital transformation offering, designed specifically for sell side firms. From cloud migration, to AI predictions, to DevOps, CPQi can bring digital transformation to your sell side business without going over your current budget.

Salesforce Managed Services

Managed Services

An increasingly unpredictable economy and regulatory landscape has forced many financial institutions into evaluating their operating models. Rising costs of risk and compliance, an increase in manual controls, and a difficult macroeconomic climate, combined with the pace of technological change, mean that many investment banks and private equity firms are pulled away from their core expertise — and towards services and skills that aren’t always a comfortable fit.

These internal and external forces pose a question for how companies choose to operate and allocate their resources. CPQi can be used to manage your operations and enhance quality and efficiency across a range of matters like regulatory compliance, risk management, and financial modeling.

Managed services can be used to reduce operating costs, but their value is far greater. Cross-sector insights and advisory expertise can drive continuous improvements. Better management of time and resources mean your staff has more time to engage in their core competencies. Your enterprise gains access to cutting-edge technology and platforms that generally can’t be built in house, giving you agile and scalable solutions to your corporate finance needs.

CPQi offers platform managed services that control your IT, security, and remote working — leaving your staff to raise capital. Create financial investments that get you ahead of your competition with our transformational managed services. It’s difficult to stay ahead of growing demands, our transformational managed services ensure you always have access to a flexible workforce ready to work. 6 of the world’s top 12 banks have trusted us to provide them with services, we understand our industry, from front to back office.

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Omnichannel Strategies

Cloud Migration

94% of enterprises are using cloud services for their business solutions. Increased flexibility, security, speed — with much easier remote access — have seen organizations gradually move from on-site storage to digital data retention. This allows workers to operate their machines from home or on the move, with encrypted remote access. Additionally, dynamic solutions offer a more scalable approach to data storage and handling during a busier or quieter time, representing a saving.

With regulations and IT developments coming thick and fast, cloud computing allows your business to respond quickly and across the board, with immediate updates, fixes, and patches across your platform.

Cloud computing also increases the speed of your core financial services systems by holding your data securely on worldwide data centers equipped with the latest iterations of hardware and servers. These can be used to perform analysis on large amounts of compact data, with more stability and no downtime — giving your organization the edge on competitors with better research reports.

While the benefits of cloud computing are clear, the process of migrating data — both historical and current – onto the cloud is time-intensive, complicated, and benefits from domain expertise. We can migrate your existing platform from on-site servers and onto the cloud, meaning encrypted remote access is seamless. This process requires careful planning and design to ensure no problems are caused by application dependencies, data loss, or downtime. Our team has the experience of managing these transitions, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud migration without any of the stress.

DevOps Implementation

As organizations move towards a digital transformation, the benefits of developing tools and software come to the fore. Unlike traditional software development and infrastructure management processes, DevOps marries software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops), to ensure software is tailored towards a business’s needs and has a shorter development life cycle.

This change of an organization’s orientation — in philosophy, culture, and practice — means that software and services can be more innovative, reliable, and collaborative. To build a more agile and flexible financial institution, you need to provide your sell side analysts and other staff with versatile tools that enable better communication and scale efficiently.

CPQi has a proven track record implementing DevOps across several industries, from major banks to insurance and pension businesses. Our experts are trained in banking technologies to understand what you need to do and why you need to do it. From deploying code to provisioning infrastructure, our team can help your organization become more responsive to your unique pressures and help you build the tools that keep you competitive in capital markets.

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Omnichannel Banking Solutions

Omnichannel Development and Strategy

As mobile technology matures, customers expect to be able to communicate with their financial institutions in several different ways. While more traditional customers may still prefer letters, even members of more senior demographics embrace communication via various methods like email, apps, or text. Financial institutions can’t afford to be left behind by their competitors who offer a range of contact points suited to their customer’s preferences.

Building customer loyalty requires listening to customers and giving them what they want. This client-centric view helps financial institutions engage with their base while also making each transaction more efficient and processed more reliably and accurately.

To provide a better service to customers, banks and other financial institutions need a coherent omnichannel strategy. Customer interaction points create reams of data. While still working within the bounds of ethical constraints, collecting and using this data can provide excellent insights into the intent of customers. By carefully reviewing or enhancing the systems and ways that customers engage with your service, you can become more responsive to customer needs and create a system that works for them. Data insights, collected in a structured way, can then be used to power further innovation and engagement with a base that you understand.

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

The creation of vast amounts of data — structured and unstructured — can leave some financial institutions wondering what exactly they should do with it. But advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence mean that this data can now be used to drive extraordinary insights and powerful predictions.

At CPQi, we use our AI to help banks and financial institutions analyze their data and mine it for business-changing acumens and innovations. While each industry and enterprise is different, our AI can extract results and information to meet your specific needs and drive competitiveness in your market. By understanding your workflow, history, and IT infrastructure, we can help you unlock accurate risk management models that can be used to power and guide better decisions from your investment bankers or portfolio managers.

Machine learning is a continually evolving process that can be used to compliment your staff’s existing market expertise. By automating the mundane trading functions and assisting your team with real-time insights gleaned from your data, our AI’s pattern recognition can help your money managers spot and act on trends quickly and decisively. Our machines will work in concert with your staff to be at the forefront of this financial technology revolution that can mitigate risk and fraud while at the same time freeing up staff and cutting costs.

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Platform Implementation

We’ve successfully worked in platform implementations for sell-side businesses for over a decade. From Java and .Net builds, to managing your entire platform implementation, we’re perfectly positioned to make your platform implementation a success.

CPQi has expertise in implementing these changes within many financial institutions. We can help you realize your full potential by working with you to figure out the areas that you need to improve in your enterprise and help you make those improvements in a sound and secure way.

By developing innovative, secure platforms tailored towards your industry, we can provide you with workable solutions that increase your capacity of predictions and understanding of the markets, and reduce risk and raise capital.

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Our diverse team of seasoned experts provide the flexible solutions you need to start working with your sell side technology quickly, securely, and on budget.