ServiceNow Managed Services

Our team here at CPQi are specialists when it comes to the ServiceNow platform and are prepared to help you achieve the optimal platform implementation and customization. Our ServiceNow managed services are here to aid you every step of the way – from implementation and consultation to customization and support.

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What is ServiceNow and what do we offer?

ServiceNow is a cutting edge platform designed to digitally scale your operations quickly and efficiently.

By leveraging automation and AI, ServiceNow keeps IT operations running smoothly, even when the unexpected happens.

In the new normal, we all need a new, more efficient way of working.

Streamline Your Tools

In this economic climate, companies need to reduce software and infrastructure spend quickly.

By streamlining expensive legacy applications and reallocating resources and spending on priority projects, you can save millions.

It’s vital that we optimize IT with actionable insights, leverage application intelligence and strengthen business resilience by leveraging a connected IT infrastrucutre.

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Encourage Growth with ServiceNow

During periods of interruption and uncertainty, you need to ensure resilience for your business operations. In this new world, it is essential to build resilience and leverage digital transformation initiatives that can be essential for recovery and growth.

Implementing ServiceNow at banks helps by giving you visibility and control of investments, projects and teams, ensuring you can operate continuous, resilient and secure services and maintain business continuity and reduce risk across your entire enterprise.

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Support Your Clients

Organizations are dealing with an increase in the number of customer service requests, with fewer employees available to respond.

In the new normal, your ability to quickly scale your operations to unplanned volumes with digital customer service is essential.

ServiceNow helps expand capacity quickly by leveraging automation and self-service, ensuring you can organize resilient operations for unforeseen circumstances and manage location-based work efficiently and securely.

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Findur Implementation

Give Your Team The Right Environment

It is now essential to provide a digital experience for employees that supports remote employees and operational efficiency.

With ServiceNow, you can deliver business continuity in uncertain times, increase the productivity of your ever-changing workforce and transform your organization to provide critical services your employees need to do their best work.

Remote Working

IT organizations have been challenged by recent changes in the workforce. And some of these changes – like remote work – may be here to stay.

With automation and AI, you can support these changes by scaling your IT operations quickly.

ServiceNow can help reduce costs and solve problems quickly, scale your IT teams to support changing employee needs and business goals and offer more resilient and attractive remote service experiences.

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DevOps for Banking

Optimize Your ServiceNow Experience with CPQi

The ServiceNow platform offers a variety of digital workflows to help your business make the most of your work hours by increasing productivity and ease of access to information. Utilizing ServiceNow’s workflows helps to modernize both your employee and customer experiences to better meet today’s digital expectations.

Workflows ServiceNow offers include:

  • IT Workflows: ServiceNow provides a single platform for IT operations to work from, allowing for optimal cost efficiency and productivity.
  • Employee Workflows: ServiceNow provides a unified experience for all departments within a business, from IT to HR. The employee workflows allow for all of your staff to access important information quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer Workflows: Automation of tasks and the implementation of a workflow allows for a much smoother and more satisfying experience for customers.

At CPQi, our expert team can help you to migrate platforms and optimize your implementation of ServiceNow. We can provide all the necessary managed services needed to get your business environment adapted and well-adjusted to a more centralized and unified system of operation.

Building Custom Developments

When it comes to building custom developments to meet your business’s specific needs, strong technical support is needed to ensure your developments and applications are built and optimized to improve overall user experience, from front to back office.

ServiceNow is largely written in JavaScript and utilizes both declarative and programmatic programming. The more technical programmatic side of ServiceNow programming allows for more extensive customization.

Moreover, ServiceNow allows for efficient building and development of applications that allow for apps to be either extended or built entirely from scratch.

At CPQi, we offer support in all areas of platform implementation, including the building of developments. Our JavaScript builders have the extensive background knowledge of Java standards to meet all the needs of your ServiceNow platform implementation.

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How Do Our ServiceNow Managed Services Work?

Here at CPQi, we can help you to cover all of your bases by providing full-scale and ongoing support for ServiceNow implementations. We are committed to helping you transform both your work environment and your operational systems to provide you with a well-managed platform designed to increase overall productivity and security.

Our ServiceNow managed services include:

  • Project management and planning
  • Business environment analysis
  • Platform and system customization
  • Configuration management
  • Cloud migration services

Focusing on unifying departments of a business that would have otherwise had their data and information scattered across many digital channels is crucial for optimizing your business’s workflow. The CPQi team is equipped with the expert knowledge and skillsets to streamline this hefty process of unifying departments into one singular cloud-based location.

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ServiceNow Capabilities

Alongside the expert help provided from our own team, ServiceNow offers a variety of developmental tool and capabilities to help streamline and ease the building process.

These capabilities include:

  • Studio IDE: A web-based integrated development for building, deploying, and managing apps
  • Mobile: Intuitive mobile designer to enhance mobile experiences
  • Automated Test Framework: Functional testing and simplification of platform upgrades
  • Delegated Development: Extension of the platform to allow for low-code developers to build apps
  • IntegrationHub: Creation of reusable integration components
  • APIs and Integrations: Common or custom scripted APIs that allow for on-demand information access
  • Source Control and CI/CD: CI/CD toolsets that allow for development of apps to scale
  • Flow Designer: Allows for any authorized staff member to build codeless process flows
  • Service Portal Designer: Allows for creation of self-service user experiences

Our experts have an intimate knowledge of the ServiceNow capabilities and our managed services and DevOps teams work together to help streamline the use of these capabilities to help our clients bring their platform implementation together seamlessly.

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Digital Banking in 2021

CPQi Offers Reliable Platform Implementation

The implementation of a new platform can be a daunting task, especially when in trying times when focusing on maintaining the satisfaction of your clientele is of the utmost importance. With our platform managed services, you and your team can worry less about the technicalities of implementation and operational processes and refocus on what really matters.

Our platform implementation services offer you:

  • Greater efficiency across all business departments
  • Innovative strategies for optimizing your implementation and workflow
  • Improved accuracy and processing time
  • Reliable service with consistent support

In truth, platform implementation is only one step in the process of fully embracing the potential of ServiceNow. CPQi’s platform managed services ultimately provide you not only with the initial implementation, but also the power to build and customize, as well as provide consultations and oversee your cloud migration.

Safety of the Cloud

Merging all processes and systems into one centralized location on the cloud can lead to many financial businesses wondering about the safety of financial services being carried out in the cloud. At CPQi, we know all the proper security tools to utilize for monitoring data access and usage, while also protecting your systems from malicious bot or malware activity.

CPQi is dedicated to providing our clients with the proper encryptions to protect sensitive financial data and ensure the security and confidentiality of your own clients’ information. Plus, the cloud provides technology that is more efficient while also being simpler to operate.

Benefits of cloud migration include:

  • Greater speed and flexibility to help keep IT costs low
  • Efficient utilization of IT resources
  • Better management of regulatory changes
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Digital Transformation in Banking

Specialized Support

An important component of a successful implementation is a consistent support base able to provide guidance and aid in order to enhance the experience of using the ServiceNow platform.

This is exactly the type of support offered as part of CPQi’s platform managed services. The satisfaction of our clients is dependent upon not only the optimal implementation, but the continued success of the client on the platform following implementation.

Our support team is trained to handle all situations and get our clients the help they need as efficiently as possible, with strengths such as:

  • Offices located across the Americas, thus allowing our support teams to provide localized help
  • Native expertise regarding different clients’ specific time zones and languages to prevent any communicative barriers
  • Understanding surrounding the specific challenges of our clients’ markets
  • Background expertise in both technology and finance to aid in both your technological and specific banking or other financial needs

CPQi’s DevOps Method

Our DevOps methodologies allow for us to provide our clients to reach the next level within agile financial markets. Alongside our specialized support provided through our platform managed services, CPQi’s DevOps can provide further support by:

  • Ensuring your systems operate according to scale and have the utmost scalability long-term
  • Building trusting and enduring relationships between all of your business teams
  • Improve channels of communication
  • Enable your business for further growth and innovation
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Omnichannel Strategies

Expert Consultation

Understanding the exact technological needs and requirements that come with the ServiceNow platform implementation is a must for ensuring your operational systems run smoothly, allowing you to focus more on your own clientele.

Our team is highly skilled in both technology and finance, allowing for fully-comprehensive analyses of what individual businesses need to complete their platform implementation and digital transformation. The foundation of any of our ServiceNow projects begins with a thorough consultation phase to determine where our clients currently are and where they need to progress to.

We are committed to customizing each and every new project so that it best fits your specific needs. This includes:

  • Providing clear channels of communication between us and our clients
  • Analyzing systems the client currently has in place
  • Advising on the best solutions available to a client

CPQi is here to help our clients get the best advice and aid in implementing their new processes and integrating with APIs. We strive to provide the highest quality consultation services possible, so that our clients feel more connected and unified within their working environment.

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Our diverse team of seasoned experts provide the flexible solutions our clients need to start working with ServiceNow quickly, securely, and on budget.