With hundreds – if not thousands – of small companies spread across the Americas, how can professionals decipher which is the best to apply to?

To determine who the best companies to work for are, let’s take a look at the Best Workplaces 2021 list by Great Place to Work, an independent organization dedicated to measuring workplace satisfaction. We have selected 7 of the best companies from this list to showcase in this article, focusing on small companies that have between 10 to 300 employees

Keep reading to learn about who these companies are, what they do, and why they are great places to work.

1. CPQi

Who They Are: CPQi is a FinTech company and consulting firm that offers a full range of technological and digital services. As part of their supportive environment for employees, they offer extensive in-house training programs to help their teams grow their skills and expand their areas of expertise. CPQi is a highly inclusive and supportive workplace, with a strong emphasis on collaboration.

Founded: 2006

Number of Employees: 250+

CPQi offers a diverse range of positions, with openings and offices in Canada, the U.S., and Brazil, as well as remote openings. To view their openings, click here.

2. 7Shifts

Who They Are: 7Shifts is a tech company that provides simplified team management software for restaurants. They emphasize creating an inclusive and exciting workplace, offering employees many opportunities to grow and contribute impactful work.

Founded: 2011

Number of Employees: 170+

7Shifts has open positions in Canada in a wide range of specialities, from client success to engineering. Click here to visit their career page.

3. Online Business Systems

Who They Are: Online Business Systems is a digital transformation and cybersecurity consultancy. They work with a variety of different businesses and industries. Online focuses on maintaining high staff morale through emphasizing work-life balance and empathetic leadership.

Founded: 1986

Number of Employees: 260+

Online Business Systems has many openings in Canada and the U.S. in IT, development, analysis, and more. Click here to view their careers page.

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4. Hothead Games

Who They Are: Hothead Games is a Canadian-based mobile game company. From conceptualization to development and publication, Hothead Games covers each stage of a game’s lifecycle. This company offers its employees a robust mental health program, an in-house gym and fitness classes, mentorship programs, and more. Plus, the office is dog-friendly!

Founded: 2006

Number of Employees: 140+

Hothead Games has open positions for artists, developers, and more in Canada. Click here to visit their careers page.

5. PartnerStack

Who They Are: PartnerStack is a partner platform for SaaS, offering full management of the partner funnel and simplifying partner retention. Along with offering a dog-friendly work environment, PartnerStack offers a highly flexible work environment and educational reimbursement for employees who take classes to enhance their skills and careers.

Founded: 2015

Number of Employees: 65+

PartnerStack has many openings in sales, engineering, customer success, design, and more. They have an office in Toronto, Ontario, and also offer remote work options. Click here to view their openings.

6. Plenary

Who They Are: Plenary is a specialized long-term investor, developer, and operator of public infrastructure. With projects in both the Americas and Asia Pacific, Plenary offers a wide range of services to both government clients and local communities. They offer their team generous time off, an annual company offsite to a scenic destination, and in-office kitchen packed with snacks.

Founded: 2004

Number of Employees: 70+

Plenary Americas has openings in the United States and Canada in a variety of projects-related positions. Click here to view their careers page.

7. True North Solutions

Who They Are: True North Solutions offers a wide range of technological and digital solutions to the industrial and engineering industries. Employees gain the advantage of 20% net profit sharing, a fitness facility and racquetball court, and a company social club.

Founded: 2006

Number of Employees: 85+

True North Solutions offers positions in engineering and related sports roles to professionals across Canada. Visit their LinkedIn page to view their openings.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn more about Great Places to Work’s 2021 Best Workplaces, visit their web page to view each company included within the list.

To view the openings of the above 7 companies and to get in contact with the team of your dreams, click the links provided at the end of each description.

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