Software Developer Jobs

Software Developers are some of the most crucial team members for any FinTech business. At CPQi, we seek out enthusiastic and driven professionals for our software development team. We offer a wide range of positions for Software Developers at all levels!

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Become a Software Developer in a Growing Industry

Software development is a cornerstone of the FinTech industry. To have a successful FinTech business, companies need to build a strong team of talented Software Developers. Software development handles many key tasks that make FinTech possible. These tasks can include:

  • Using programming languages
  • Designing and developing .NET
  • Working with Scrum Agile Methodologies
  • Scripting using Java
  • Designing and building applications

Talented and motivated Software Developers are the backbone of FinTech. Without them, it would be near impossible to meet the expectations of customers. Additionally, Software Developers do everything from application to development to financial compliance. This results in many diverse roles and opportunities! At CPQi, we look for driven Software Developers who are eager and willing to learn all about development for financial purposes.

Software Developer Jobs in Halifax

Searching for software development opportunities in Halifax and the greater Nova Scotia area? CPQi is looking for you too!

We are seeking Software Developers of all levels of expertise to join our team in Halifax.

CPQi is working to become accessible to as many financial institutions as possible. This means we are looking for more and more talented additions to our team!

Don’t worry if you have little to no experience in finance – we will provide you with the training you need! If you are ready to take your career to the next level, our Halifax office would love to hear from you.

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Software Developer Jobs in Toronto

Software development and Toronto go hand-in-hand. After all, the city is one of the largest technological hubs in Canada!

Working in a major city comes with both professional and personal advantages. If you are looking for Software Developer jobs in Toronto, CPQi wants to talk to you about joining our company!

By working for us, you will become a part of a collaborative and communicative team. This will give you the right foundation for growing your career in Toronto.

We are in search of hard-working Software Developers who are eager to be innovative and learn. At CPQi, we help you diversify your skillsets and further your career!

Software Developer Jobs

Remote Software Developer Jobs in Canada

Remote work environments were once a thing of dreams. But with the strength and support of innovative technologies, they have become a reality.

Working remotely comes with many advantages, such as developing software from the comfort of your home!

If you are a Software Developer in Canada seeking remote work, CPQi has the opportunities for you!

At CPQi, we recognize the growing popularity of remote work environments. We strive to ensure all of our remote Software Developers have the support and resources they need.

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Why CPQi is the Place to Be

When creating a working environment, CPQi strives to enable maximum employee satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on offering our team members many opportunities to further their careers. Plus, we provide as much support and resources as our teams need to succeed.

The same goes for our Software Developers! CPQi engages our development teams with creative and innovative projects.

Here are 5 reasons to consider working with CPQi as a Software Developer:

Software Developer Jobs in Halifax

Develop and Grow Your Career

Working in FinTech with CPQi means your career will continuously evolve alongside the industry. This will provide you with many new and exciting opportunities to hone your skills.

This type of constant evolution will also increase your professional flexibility and adaptability. Software development requires you to think on your feet. As a result, your ability to work in a fast-paced environment is essential.

CPQi works with many major banking clients. We will provide you with not only hands-on experience but networking opportunities as well.

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Software Developer Jobs in Toronto

Gain a Supportive and Collaborative Team

At CPQi, the goal is to create an environment with true equilibrium.

We avoid competition and instead embrace collaboration amongst team members. One mind is great, but many minds can be extraordinary.

By working with us, you will receive the support you need to remain positive and productive. Plus, we ensure you have access to the necessary resources for larger projects.

Our managers make sure to foster caring and compassionate environments.

Expand Your Network

Here at CPQi, we embrace collaboration between all levels and departments. We also work with many of the top financial institutions across the Americas!

As part of our team, you will meet and work with many colleagues. This will improve your overall affinity for teamwork.

Plus, it will teach you how to communicate effectively between departments!

Additionally, our senior-level members make themselves accessible for advice and mentorship. We do all we can to ensure the success of our team.

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Remote Software Developer Jobs in Canada

Become a Financial Expert

We believe in the power of cross-training. Creating software designed for financial institutions takes time and attention to detail. We provide our Software Developers with training on the ins and outs of finance as well.

FinTech is an expansive industry with many opportunities and projects. Having the background and experience in finance will help you to level up more easily.

This will help you to diversify your skills as well. There are many areas of potential crossover,

Earn Specialized Certifications

Our commitment to providing our team with the most resources possible runs deep.

As a part of this, we offer the CPQi University. This is an internal training program. Through it, our team members can earn certifications for FinTech specializations!

All of which comes at no extra cost to employees. By providing this educational resource, we help you to become a more well-rounded professional.

If software developer jobs don’t sound right for you, why don’t you take a look at our technical analyst jobs, business analyst jobs or quality assurance jobs!

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Learn More About Our Software Developer Jobs

No matter your level of experience, we want to get to know you! We have opportunities for Software Developer professionals at all levels. Send us an email today to to learn more about joining our growing team at CPQi.

Software Developer Jobs in Canada