Temenos Managed Services

We are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and thorough managed services for the Temenos platform, from reliable platform implementations to digital development. Our expert team can help you easily and efficiently optimize your workflows for the greatest potential productivity.

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How Temenos Managed Services Can Help You?

Migrating platforms, carrying out successful implementations, and working with ever-evolving bank technologies can be time-consuming and complex.

By utilizing our managed services for Temenos, professionals within the finance industry can achieve banking processes that operate smoothly and increase their efficiency and profitability through the use of advanced technologies.

Greater Focus on Clients and Customers

As the world becomes more digitally oriented, more attention must be placed on the quality and user-friendliness of digital platforms and other virtual tools. When your team is directly responsible for handling the technical and more advanced aspects of managing these technologies, less time is spent ensuring your client’s satisfaction and overall ease of use of your software.

With managed services, your team can re-focus on what really matters: your clients. Our staff are specialized in working with Temenos and have the resources to ensure your banking technologies are up to date, fully compliant, and operating smoothly.

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Improved Productivity and Efficiency

The use of managed services allows for necessary back-end processes and front-end user interfaces to communicate quickly and provide efficient and productive service. This ultimately also helps to improve channels of communication to ensure a seamless experience for both your staff and your clients.

Additionally, through the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning Temenos can help to automate tasks in order to optimize performance and free up more time for employees to focus on more client-centric issues.

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Scalable Operations

In today’s markets, changes in demand can fluctuate fairly extremely, causing financial institutions to require much greater flexibility and agility in their processes and workflows. With the help of managed services, your bank or financial institution can adapt to changing markets and scale accordingly with much greater ease.

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How Our Temenos Managed Services Work

Temenos platform uses state of the art technology and combined with CPQi’s expertly trained team with their wide technological and financial knowledge, we are able to provide our clients with the necessary systems and processes to keep a digital platform operating at its peak potential.

The mission of Temenos is to provide financial institutions of all sizes and in all sectors with the software needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world. There are a number of technologies and strategies used on the platform to further the value of our resources to our clients, including:

  • Integrated Solutions: Integrated solutions help to tie systems of information together while speeding internal processes through an automation of important workflow processes.
  • Cloud Migration: The cloud allows information to be stored and accessed from one central and secure virtual location, eliminating the need for costly on-site IT infrastructures and systems that can run up overhead and operational expenses.
  • AI & Machine Learning: AI and machine learning are necessary for any type of automation of processes that is capable of scaling according to changes in the market or other requirements. Plus, predictive capabilities of AI help financial institutions to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Continuous Development and DevOps: When delivering software to a client, your speed of delivery and ability to provide continuous upgrades matter. Temenos DevOps ensures your software releases are efficient and stable.

Security Measures for Managed Services

Temenos is an established provider of hosted and managed banking services and has strong security policies and practices that adhere to the requirements of the AICPA/SOC2 certification. Software solutions, data, and information can be securely passed through channels of Temenos thanks to the security methodologies employed.

Our integrations and implementations of Temenos are designed to uphold the utmost security of our clients’ important data and information and we work to ensure their data and systems are as secure as possible on the platform.

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DevOps for Banking

Reliable Platform Implementations

Though Temenos provides an easy to user interface inherently, implementing the platform for your own financial institution or migrating from a former platform on to Temenos can be quite an intensive process that consumes time and budgetary resources.

By employing CPQi’s managed services for Temenos, our technical staff is given the opportunity to ensure your platform implementation is optimized for your specific needs. Our technical staff are qualified in both technology and finance, providing them with an intimate knowledge of the regulatory and legal requirements involved in banking technology.

Plus, relying on managed services allows you to eliminate the need to re-allocate time in your staff’s busy schedules to learn the ins and outs of the platform.

CPQi is not only committed to providing an effective platform implementation, but also to ensuring your continued success through our strong support.

Temenos Transact

Formerly called t24, Temenos Transact is the main Temenos platform CPQi supports. Temenos Transact provides an extensive set of banking functionalities and services over 1000 banks in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Temenos Transact works to stay up to date with the newest technologies in order to constantly improve the ease of use of products and services being offered. This is highly necessary as consumers grow increasingly accepting of new technologies and thus expect financial institutions to be up to speed on the latest and greatest.

Moreover, the platform is designed to be encouraging of customer loyalty, a crucially important factor to keep in consideration as customer retention rates dip in many sectors.

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Omnichannel Strategies

Expert Consultations

There are many considerations when working with the Temenos platform, from crisis management to continuity planning.

Our team of consultants are skilled in all the necessary processes to identify and address issues related to your specific needs.

The consultation phase is an extremely important one, and at CPQi we recognize the importance of providing our clients with in-depth consultations that look closely at our client’s existing platforms and structures in order to assess what will be needed moving forward.

When working with Temenos, this means we can determine exactly what integrations, APIs, or other components your business should consider for success on the platform.

By working with the Temenos platform, you are ultimately enhancing your ability to provide support for both your clients and staff by leveraging technologies that allow for automation of tasks. Automation can work in a number of ways, including:

  • Freeing up employee time spent on predictable day-to-day activities
  • Creating responsive user interfaces to aide in handling high volumes of customer service requests
  • Providing the ability to quickly scale your operations according to volume

At CPQi, we provide full-scale and ongoing support for your Temenos platform.

Planning and Analysis

We work with you every step of the way, including with planning and analysis which make up two important parts of our consultations.

Having a clear plan of action and an understanding of the necessary resources is essential for ensuring all needs are met and nothing has been left overlooked. We offer advice throughout the process on the best methods for implementation that will result in the greatest ability to adapt and succeed.

Our expert staff is, moreover, always ready and available to help you should problems occur. Providing our clients with the support they need is of the utmost priority.

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Specialized Customizations

No two clients’ needs are the same, and we at CPQi understand that. Our managed services for Temenos are highly customizable and adjusted according to the exact needs of each individual client.

Our developers can help you to customize your integration of Temenos in a way that is optimal for your business, rather than giving you a one-size-fits-all solution.

Digital Development

There are many complexities that come with working with platform software and technology. When you work with CPQi, you can rest assured your software solutions will be built to the exact requirements needed.

Our digital developers can help to:

  • Encourage growth in your business
  • Create innovative and responsive designs
  • Improve channels of communication

Our team of software developers have a strong background in working with programming languages and back-end systems. Moreover, CPQi recognizes the importance of building out both the back-end and the front-end of any given software so that it communicates information well and contributes to a higher rate of overall customer satisfaction.

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Artificial Intelligence in Banking

Temenos Solutions

The solutions provided by Temenos are designed to suit the needs of financial and banking professionals at every level. Temenos provides industry solutions for all sectors, including:

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Wealth Management & Private Banking
  • Fund Administration
  • Universal Banks
  • Business Banking
  • Challenger Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Financial Inclusion

Understanding how the capabilities of Temenos’ platform can be combined with its unique and sector-specific solutions to provide the highest level of functionality for your banking institution is the strength of CPQi’s team. Having an intimate knowledge of Temenos allows us to plan out precise strategies that fit your business’ specific needs.

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Our team is driven by bringing our clients the utmost success on the Temenos platform. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide flexible solutions that have been customized to your specific needs.