It is obvious and evident that the digital revolution and culture are here to stay, and both are paramount to the success and shareholders of the banking industry.

Adopting a one size fits all approach is not only a flaw but a non-progressive strategy. In an industry that reaches large, sophisticated client populations locally or globally, banks must understand that no two clients are the same and thus must evolve towards a digital environment and culture.

Get ahead of the curve and eliminate status quo! How you say?

Simply understanding your client pain points to chart improved client journey’s and leveraging DevOps environments to enable digital platforms is a “no brainer” to me.

Who can deliver?

I recently joined CPQi and was impressed with our digital transformation services proposition. By far CPQi exhibits the “best in class” performance through trained technical staff with architecture capability enabling dated technologies to migrate onto the cloud.

For the past 15 years working as an executive in several banks, the common challenge of cutting costs, mostly staff, ahead of essential technological enhancements has proven problematic in generating higher revenues and service excellence. For those who know exactly what I mean, I am sure you share the frustrations, and exhaustion of simply keeping the lights on. Poor data, the everchanging regulatory landscape, further compounded by economic and political volatility, it is no wonder why institutions continue to struggle. The solution almost always is hiring more contract staff rolling into months/years. This alone breeds other cultural issues which is a topic for another blog.

What to do?

Leave it to the experts that have proven to deliver. Yes, I believe CPQI has the “silver bullet”! Our religion is partnering with large financial institutions to reduce costs, increase efficiency, leverage technology and our managed services team to course correct your business while increasing profitability.

CPQi brings a change culture to help financial institutions embed a change mindset through methodologies proven to deliver and weed out mediocrity. As we all face the new ways of working through the pandemic it is even more crucial that banks adopt cloud migration strategies, digital channels and artificial intelligence to sustain their growth. We believe it is through these times that we can be the “game changer”.

Bank on the right outcome! Build trusted relationships!

This blog was written by Mani Raposo, to speak with her further on this, book a free consultation or email us at today!