There are several key reasons why working with CPQi produces a high return on investment. We will outline some of them today.

Experts, not just shirts

CPQi was founded in 2007 to provide capital market technology services to banks. Since then, we’ve selectively employed 200 people, carefully cultivating high performing teams of experts dedicated to their field. We have done this by ensuring all CPQi team members are trained in both banking and technology, so your project managers will understand the intricacies of banking and are able to apply highly technical solutions to intricate problems. This selective process ensures that when you work with CPQi, any issues that are encountered along the way are addressed by industry experts who understand the goals and business requirements of different banking departments.
We take pride in the fact that CPQi teams provide innovative and creative value to a project without requiring further education. Our employees are trained to an exceptional level in banking and with decades of technology industry this ensures our teams understand your business environment and can expertly highlight potential areas for higher profitability, making them an asset rather than a drain. We believe in cost benefit productivity not just rate cards.

ROI | Risky business

With high risk can come high profitability, or high loss. At CPQi, we find new, innovative ways to lower risk without damaging profitability. For example, we are working on artificial intelligence engines that will are able to predict risk factors to an unprecedented degree. This creates a high return on investment by adding layers of security to traditionally risky trades, giving our clients a competitive edge.

We speak your language

Literally. We operate across the Americas, and whether you’re in Canada, the USA, Brazil or Mexico, we’ve got a team that understands your climate, culture, language and economy. By having such a far-reaching network, we always have a team that will work on your time-zone and are close by ready to get your project up and running when you say go.

Our local specialists also get the benefit of being part of a tight-knit organisation with strong ties across the Americas, so they have access to other teams should they need assistance in another country. This means your bank is well supported no matter how many countries you service. You will get the best understanding of what needs to be done to get your project completed, keeping projects on time and under budget. Whenever a complication arises on a project, CPQi’s local project owners can deal with it expertly, minimising any costly time losses sometimes associated with finding out your supplier doesn’t understand your local business requirements.

On the Beach

CPQi operates our own high quality offshore center in North East Brazil, and therefore in your time-zone. If your organization permits, this can be used to dramatically reduce both project and running costs by up to 40%. We are proud of our center that is used by several of the worlds largest banks.

Artificial intelligence for the intelligent

At CPQi, we are currently building AI engines designed for trading. So far, our engines are able to predict volatility and give traders the best possible information to make high profit decisions. We also implement trading platforms. Implementing a trading platform can be a difficult and costly exercise, sometimes requiring personalised developments to get systems working with one another. We understand that, and our consultants and developers all work together to get you the highest long-term ROI on your project, dramatically limiting the likelihood of later costly complications.

Getting an ROI out of regulatory requirements

With our strong educational and experiential backgrounds, we know how to turn regulatory shifts from stressful annoyances into profit generating adventures. For example, FRTB is looming around the corner, with many banks unprepared and trepidatious, turning the investment into a success requires expert industry knowledge and a keen understanding of the requirements. Fortunately, with offices in 8 countries across the American economies, our local teams know how to implement FRTB not just to fulfil regulations, but to drive profit and lower risk.

Bottom Line

We don’t waste your time or money with poorly qualified consultants, and none of our specialists are learning on the job at the expense of your business. At CPQi, we are highly qualified experts with a solid understanding of the intricacies of complex capital market technology service requirements. With our strong capabilities, experience and understanding of both technology and banking, you’ll receive a solid ROI when working with CPQi.