The ability to effectively visualize data is essential for financial companies. To bridge the gap between data analytics and decision-making, financial companies need a powerful platform and set of tools that allow them to simplify their business intelligence (BI) models.

Microsoft’s Power BI is a unified platform that allows businesses to connect business data, create data reports, personalize KPIs, and more. To make the most out of Power BI, partnering with a specialized Power BI consulting firm is key.

In this article, we will cover what a Power BI consulting firm is and the benefits of working with one. Plus, we will cover 3 of the top Power BI consulting firms for financial companies to consider partnering with in 2022.

What is a Power BI Consulting Firm?

A Power BI consulting firm is a FinTech company with specialized knowledge on how to implement, integrate, and customize the Power BI platform.

Working with a Power BI consulting firm can be extremely advantageous for financial companies. These consulting firms provide full-scale services — such as staff augmentation or managed services — that give your financial business everything it needs to successfully deploy Power BI.

The Benefits of Working with a Power BI Consulting Firm

When financial companies choose to work with a Power BI consulting firm, there are many key benefits they can enjoy. These include:

  • Greater Customer Centricity: Power BI consulting firms will account for the needs of both a business and its clients, ensuring the business’s platform and digital infrastructure is optimized on both fronts. This gives financial companies a greater opportunity to focus on building customer-centric data insights.
  • Compliance-Focused: If a business chooses to work with a Power BI consulting firm that is specialized within the financial industry, that business can rest easy knowing these consultants will be mindful of financial regulation and compliance requirements.
  • Deeper Data Insights: Power BI is an incredibly powerful platform. With the right Power BI consulting firm partner, financial companies can customize the platform to provide the most in-depth and specific insights possible for growing and improving their business.
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The Top 3 Power BI Consulting Firms for Financial Companies

Finding the right Power BI consulting firm as a financial company is essential. With the right partner, your financial business can gain a powerful competitive edge with deeply insightful Power BI data analytics.

Here are 3 of the best Power BI consulting firms to consider working with.

1. CPQi

CPQi is a digital transformation, managed services, and staff augmentation company.

The teams at CPQi are highly-experienced in working with the Power BI platform, including everything from initial consultation and assessment to full implementation and ongoing support. Additionally, CPQi’s teams are dually trained in both finance and technology, ensuring they understand the scope and complexity of implementing Power BI at your financial business.

With CPQi, your business receives customized solutions built with your exact needs in mind. CPQi helps you through each step of your Power BI journey, providing both the staff and resources needed to make the most out of your platform.

Plus, CPQi has offices spread all across the Americas comprised of award-winning teams with more than 15 years of experience implementing digital solutions ranging from predictive technology integration, devops, cloud services, and RPA.

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2. Collectiv

Collectiv is a Power BI consulting and strategy firm that provides strategy, implementation, and support for the Power BI platform.

At Collectiv, the main focus is providing Power BI expertise for analytics, planning, and AI within a Microsoft data ecosystem. Collectiv enables financial businesses to augment their BI and FP&A capabilities, providing the necessary resources for achieving such goals.

3. Alta Vista Technology

Alta Vista Technology is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting firm and business solution provider. This consulting firm offers clients Microsoft specialists who understand the complexities of working with Microsoft technology.

In terms of Power BI consulting and services, Alta Vista offers different packages designed for businesses in various industries. With Alta Vista, financial businesses can receive both implementation and support services, as well as comprehensive software training.

Final Thoughts

For financial businesses looking to implement Microsoft’s Power BI platform, the first crucial step is to find the ideal Power BI consulting firm.

Of the 3 companies discussed above, CPQi’s dual expertise in both technology and finance make them the best choice. With CPQi, your financial business will receive the personalized services and care needed to carry out powerful implementations built for your business’s specific needs.

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