The Fintech sector continues to be one of the fastest-growing industries globally. With so much transformation occurring so quickly, data-driven, customer-centric decision-making is vital to retaining an edge in this increasingly competitive industry. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top 6 fintech consulting firms, but in no particular order.

The objective is to provide a concise yet diverse summary of fintech services, from franchise development and marketing to business and operations and digital transformation. Here are our top picks for 2022.


To start our list, we have a Toronto-based firm called CPQi. Founded in 2007, their focus is on digital transformation, predictive AI, DevOps, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Cloud Migration. They have been awarded repeatedly including:

  • Most outstanding FinTech solutions provider (Corporate Excellence Awards),
  • Financial markets specialist of the year (Innovation and Excellence Awards),
  • Financial Markets Leader for North America (Finance Monthly’s Fintech Awards)
  • Top 10 Salesforce Solution Providers, (CIO Applications)
  • Global 100 Best Financial Markets Leader

This fintech consulting leader is making good on its claim to drive the future of banking. They provide managed services including building financial markets systems for front-running American economies. With 228 employees, this fintech consulting leader comes in at number 1 on our list for leading the way in digital transformation.

Want to know more about Robotic Process Automation?

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Summus Group

Next up, we have a private, award-winning consulting firm based out of Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Purchased by the SIA partners, this consulting firm provides tailored, value-based solutions to large and middle-market companies across fintech, financial and business services. It’s worth noting that their client solutions result in increased profitability, optimization of costs, controlled risks, and a rapid response to change.

Three Five Two

This is a marketing and advertising firm based in Atlanta GA. Three Five Two specializes in digital strategy and social media marketing advising for fintech businesses. They provide these services along with web development to enterprise and mid-market clients in the fintech industry. Their team comprises approximately 200 employees. Data science, analytics, and end-to-end customer experience capabilities are what rank them among our top 6 firms.

FinTech Consulting Firms

Northfield Information Services

Northfield is a risk management analytics provider. They provide research-based applications and have been providing risk forecasting systems since 1985. This is a larger firm that has provided award-winning research services since well before fintech was even an obscure niche market. Their services are used by over 200 asset management offices globally. This firm of 28 employees is based out of Boston, MA.

Asamby Consulting Firm

Based in Stuttgart, Germany, Asamby Consulting is a firm that focuses on operations development for growing businesses. They specialize in helping fintech companies that are finding their sales are drastically outpacing their operational capabilities. This remote-first consulting firm also focuses on operations, automation, and organization. A great choice for companies looking to scale from within.

Mindstream Analytics

As the name would indicate, Mindstream Analytics provides insights and business intelligence (BI) driven consulting services. Their model revolves almost exclusively around analyzing the data and helping organizations turn it into an action plan for success.

This firm specializes in problem-solving with a focus on aligning business, finance, and IT stakeholders with high-level KPIs. Headquartered in Cheyenne, WY, they are made up of about 50 business and technical experts.

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