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As advances in technology drive forward the evolution of financial markets, the wealth management industry is set to face larger and broader challenges than ever before. At CPQi, we offer wealth management providers the technology and consulting services needed to prosper in an increasingly digital age.

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Challenges Facing the Wealth Management Industry

Technological innovations have reshaped client expectations for wealth management. From customer experience to risk management, there are many factors for wealth management providers to consider.

Three key challenges facing the wealth management industry today include:

  • Strategic Advisory Models: Traditional human-based advisory models work well for many, but there’s also been strong interest in digitization to manage the shifting demands of larger-scale operations. This has resulted in the need for strategic technology- and AI-based advisory models to stay ahead of growing business volumes. 
  • New Generations of Investors: As Millennials and Gen Z become dominant in financial markets, understanding how their expectations differ from older generations is crucial. These younger generations have a much higher level of tech-savviness and expect seamless digital experiences.
  • Increased Risk: Digitization of wealth management comes with a slew of new risks that must be managed and mitigated efficiently. Without the proper technology and expertise, this can result in severely heightened operational costs.

What is Wealth Management Consulting and Technology?

For affluent clients, having a wealth management provider that guarantees secure and advantageous investments is essential.

As the global digitization of finance affects regulatory and client expectations, financial institutions must embrace strategic wealth management technology. This technology helps providers to maintain a steady pace and ensure a competitive edge over other institutions.

When financial institutions work with the right FinTech consulting team, benefits of wealth management technology include:

  • Heightened Investor Confidence: With a capable FinTech team, wealth management providers spend less time managing and maintaining technology. In turn, more time is spent communicating with clients and investors, boosting overall customer confidence.
  • Improved Data and Analytics: Digital FinTech solutions offer much more comprehensive data management and analytics. This helps improve everything from risk management to the customer experience.
  • Increased Personalization: As a wealth management business scales up, it can get harder and harder to address the individual needs of each client. With the right technological solutions, however, the user experience can be highly personalized. This even includes recommendations customized specifically for each client! This form of wealth management technology comes in handy for businesses looking to scale their mid-range client offering.
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How Can CPQi’s Wealth Management Technology Help?

At CPQi, we design our technology solutions and consultations to meet the exact needs of wealth management providers. Our services include development, testing, and everything else needed to ensure a smooth operation and platform.

Here are 5 key benefits of working with CPQi for wealth management technology:

  • Increased Scalability: Through our digital transformation services, we enable businesses of all sizes to enjoy much greater scalability. This is especially important during tumultuous times in financial markets when business volume can fluctuate drastically.
  • Greater Efficiency: Our team at CPQi are experts in working with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence. When used in wealth management, this technology allows us to automate many essential processes and tasks. As a result, company-wide efficiency increases significantly.
  • Boosted Speed of Delivery: Meeting the demands of tech-savvy clients is tough. With CPQi, your development lifecycles can be reduced to help boost your speed of delivery and development. This is essential for both attracting and retaining clients.
  • Customer-Focused Strategy: Helping a business to establish and maintain a customer-centric approach is a cornerstone of CPQi’s strategy. We help free up more of your time so that your team can focus on the needs, wants, and concerns of customers.
  • Lower Operational Costs: Introducing technology and digital transformation to a wealth management business can become quite costly. At CPQi, we work diligently to ensure our services lower your operational costs. The systems and platforms we build are designed to be as cost-effective as possible.
Wealth Management Technology

CPQi’s Managed Services Handle the Entire Process for You

Here at CPQi, we offer a full range of services to handle every aspect of digital transformation for wealth management providers. We help transform your front, middle, and back office, optimizing each to be as advantageous as possible.

Plus, we provide managed services to help you maintain your systems, servers, and platforms for years to come.

Other services provided by CPQi include:

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Wealth Management Consulting Services

Wealth Management Consulting Services

Wealth management is a high-level financial service that requires close attention to detail and vast financial expertise. Without the proper consultation and support, wealth management technology can quickly become a major headache.

Our team at CPQi are experts trained in both technology and finance. Before beginning any new project, we offer clients comprehensive consultations. In these consultations, we will determine your business goals and outline the best course of action to reach them.

Each of CPQi’s solutions is customized to meet the needs of individual wealth management businesses.

Platform Implementations

CPQi is partnered with many of the top financial platforms, allowing us to implement the platform that is most beneficial for your business. These major partners include Salesforce, Murex, Calypso, Findur, ServiceNow, and Moody’s CreditLens.

We help clients select their ideal platform based on both their preferences and needs. From there, we build the ideal system and applications for their business.

Once implemented, CPQi then offers managed services. These services use powerful technology to improve your business’s accuracy, reliability, and processing time on the back-end. On the front-end, we leverage technology to create the optimal customer experience.

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Wealth Management Managed Services

Regulatory Compliance

Working with advanced technologies adds a new layer of complexity to regulatory compliance. With new regulations already coming out at a rapid pace, this can make it much harder for wealth management providers to keep up with all the necessary changes.

At CPQi, our teams are just as much financial experts as they are technological ones. We understand the complexities of compliance and the crucial importance of staying up to date.

Through our services, we assist wealth management providers in building systems capable of automatic updating. This eliminates the need to expand a compliance department on top of implementing a digital transformation, as CPQi covers all of your bases.

Cloud Migrations

Scaling up your operations using traditional onsite systems and servers is costly. Comparatively, migrating onto the cloud offers your business much greater scalability and efficiency.

Additionally, your most important data is securely stored in a central digital location. This allows all authorized personnel access to company information from anywhere at any time, enabling remote work environments and round-the-clock support for clients.

Here at CPQi, we offer secure cloud migrations that keep your legacy systems in mind. Plus, we implement your chosen platform via the cloud to help you achieve digital transformation in no time.

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DevOps and Omnichannel

These days, clients have high expectations for wealth management providers. Not only do they expect personalized applications, but they expect those applications to deliver at much faster speeds.

Using DevOps, CPQi eliminates departmental barriers that inhibit collaboration. By doing so, your development and operations teams work together with far greater efficiency. As a result, clients can enjoy significantly shorter development lifecycles.

We often pair our DevOps with Omnichannel strategies. This ensures that both your client and team can communicate seamlessly across all channels. Our expert teams at CPQi provide all the services and solutions you need to implement wealth management technology at your own business.

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