As capital markets continue to evolve, it is essential for financial institutions to have a financial platform they can rely on. Not only will this ensure institutions remain highly competitive but that they also take full advantage of market opportunities when they arise.

Murex is a software company offering a wide range of products and tools necessary for the success of financial institutions in today’s digital world. The latest iteration of Murex’s platform – MX.3 – provides advanced financial services that provide optimal strategies and power an institution’s acceleration.

In this article, we will discuss what this platform is and all that Murex software has to offer. Keep reading to learn about how CPQi can help your institution with an efficient and cost-effective Murex implementation.

What is Murex?

Founded in 1986, Murex has grown from a small software company based out of Paris to the global industry leader, with international offices spread out across 17 different cities.

Over the past 30+ years, the team behind Murex has dedicated themselves to continue designing and developing a top-notch platform capable of integrated trading, risk management, and post-trade solutions. The official mission of Murex can be broken down into two main pillars:

  1. Innovation: Constant innovation is a core element of Murex’s objective to share its team’s wealth of experience and expertise. Murex’s commitment to always pursue innovation to achieve enhanced technological solutions is reflected in the company’s motto, “Pioneering Again.”
  2. Client Partnership: At Murex, the client always comes first. When Murex partners with a new institution or organization, they ensure to include these clients in the collaborative process, acting as a trustworthy advisor and growth enabler.

When it comes to the industry opinion of Murex, the consensus is clear – Murex’s capital markets expertise reigns supreme within the industry. Murex software has continuously earned awards and acknowledgment annually, with the company voted as the Number One Financial Technology Provider in Asia Risk Magazine’s Technology Ratings for 6 consecutive years.

Along with this achievement, Murex software has also earned awards such as the Buy-Side Technology 2021 Award for the Best Use of the Agile Methodology and the 2021 FTF News Award for Best Professional Services Provider.

Understanding the Basics of Murex Software

While Murex has a wide range of different solutions and institution types that it services, the company’s technology and key features of the MX.3 platform can be divided into 4 main categories:

  1. Cloud: Understanding the role advanced technology plays in today’s financial markets, Murex offers a leading cloud and SaaS (software as a service) capital markets platform. The MX.3 cloud technology enables efficient automation, boosts productivity, multiple MX.3 environments for multiple developers, and outsourced infrastructure for enhanced innovation.
  2. Platform: 3 is an open platform designed to handle the constant evolution of the capital markets industry and provide continuous IT excellence. A major component of the MX.3 architecture strategy is to create new frameworks that enable rapid development and deployment of Murex’s capabilities.
  3. Connectivity: In today’s interconnected financial world, flexibility is an absolute must-have. Murex is always investing in new connectivity opportunities to provide packaged interfaces to regulatory entities, data distributors, and trading platforms. The advanced integration framework is designed to adapt to changing market standards efficiently.
  4. Performance: These days, a financial institution or financial service provider is only as good as the platform it has to offer. MX.3 offers high performance and scalability that support trading activities through advanced CPU and GPU capabilities. With an optimized infrastructure, the platform provides clients with improved data center operating costs and lower overall energy consumption.

What Types of Institutions Does Murex Service?

MX.3 is an industry-leading platform that benefits a diverse range of international capital market participants. The types of institutions Murex services include:

  • Banks: 3 for banks offers accelerated IT transformation all from one central platform. Banking clients can deploy MX.3 for fully functional coverage including sales and trading, risk management, operations and finance, treasury, and collateral management. Plus, MX.3 offers banks an integrated cross-asset value chain for all business functions.
  • Buy-Side: With MX.3, buy-side clients have full control over the investment cycle. The platform provides real-time portfolio management with capabilities for order, compliance, risk, and collateral management. Full operations chains across asset classes are supported by the MX.3 platform.
  • Clearing Brokers and CCPS: With high performance, scalability, and robustness, it’s no wonder why the world’s largest swap clearer relies on MX.3 to carry out its business functions. By anticipating cross-margining practices, Murex can deliver the necessary margin calculations no matter which clearable product is being dealt with. MX.3 offers exception-based workflows that maximize automation throughout the entire clearing chain.
  • Central Banks and Public Agencies: By employing MX.3, public institutions can efficiently adapt to current market conditions. The company’s integrated solutions allow for rationalizing reserves, asset and debt management, and operations all from one singular and central platform. Murex offers functional coverage including everything from investment and risk management to optimizing balance sheet resources.
  • Energy and Commodities: The commodities market has expanded into a vast and global entity that only becomes more and more complex and highly regulated. With MX.3, business and resources across the entire physical and financial trading space can be optimized. Additionally, Murex provides expertise in energy, metals, and agriculture physical trading, allowing for functional coverage of cross commodities.
  • Corporates: Across the globe, corporate entities rely on MX.3 to strengthen their risk management and centralize funding, while also implementing the necessary regulatory and internal compliance requirements. With advanced funding and risk management, MX.3 offers corporate institutions real-time solutions and a flexible global operating model.

Final Thoughts: Implement Murex with CPQi

Here at CPQi, our team consists of highly experienced experts in Murex implementations.

By employing our services and solutions, your institution can enjoy full management of the implementation process including project envisioning, scope, and planning definition. Additionally, CPQi provides ongoing support long after the implementation is completed.

Our reliable process transformations allow you to optimize MX.3 to the fullest extent, bringing you up to speed in the digital era of finance with one of the industry’s top platforms.

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