Artificial intelligence provides a predictive analysis of future trends based on current and past data. As with other predictive digital systems, the judgemental factor should come from trained and experienced employees. AI systems need to be part of a bigger, more holistic workflow of financial decision making. The problem is, AI isn’t auditable. While its value and ability to predict trends is unprecedented, the operational function it’s able to provide in capital markets is limited due to the highly regulated nature of our industry.

Artificial systems can’t be audited any more than you can audit a human brain. AI isn’t a set of rules, it is a uniquely structured personalized system that trains itself to provide the highest possible percentage of predictive information.

However, what a regulatory body can audit are actions based on that prediction. The reaction and treatment of a prediction will be different in each bank, and with each employee. While auditing may not always be fun, it is necessary and does add value. Auditing also support the regulatory bodies for finance.

CPQi creates artificial intelligence systems that provide predictions in capital markets. Our predictions are compatible with the long-standing banking traditions that have benefited our industry so far.

Our team of experts have over 30 years of banking experience and our company has been in capital markets financial technology for over 11 years. We know what’s required to pass regulatory check-ups. So what predictions can our artificial intelligence systems offer and what value can it bring?

We train our predictive systems using your data, workflows and processes. We work with banks to create systems that are personalised and structured to fit into your workflows, including creating predictive trading technology and artificial intelligence operated risk management assessments. CPQi has worked with capital market industries for over a decade so we understand the unique offering artificial intelligence can provide. When used correctly, the value our systems add to your judgements can be audited, regulated and systematically analysed.

Auditing is important. It’s not just a regulatory function you have to adhere to, it’s a valuable way of understanding if your bank’s profitability is sustainable. Our AI technology is not only economically valuable, but easy to deploy and adaptable. Your workflows don’t need to be modified and you don’t need to spend a fortune on the arms race towards AI.