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Migrating onto the cloud ensures a higher level of automation and a much faster time to market and change.

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Cloud technology supports remote access easily and allows changes to be deployed remotely. Therefore, no employee of yours needs to be on-site to operate the machines.

Costs are normally reduced and the architecture is highly scalable when transaction volumes and volatility are high and non-scalable for more difficult times.

Cloud based architectures support hands-free financial markets.

Cloud technology is faster, simpler, better

When banks and financial institutions need to implement IT changes at a reasonable cost, migrating to the cloud is the best way to enable innovations at scale. Among many additional benefits, cloud technology increases speed and flexibility when deploying or upgrading critical systems.

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Speed & Flexibility

Cloud infrastructure keeps IT costs manageable. During cloud computing’s formative years, the most easily attainable benefits revolved around reducing – or eliminating – high IT operating costs.

As such, technologies that increased the speed and flexibility of core banking systems and critical applications stepped to the fore. Today, we continue to develop on those core systems but evolve with our clients.


Cloud technology allows your business to work faster and more efficiently by adding IT resources when you need them most, such as during operating hours or peak usage.

Managing banking IT used to be a standard practice, but today, the cloud keeps disrupting the way we think about migrating legacy infrastructure and critical applications.

We now have capabilities that weren’t available during the cloud’s formative years. Cloud networks are now more reliable, more flexible, and faster than ever before.

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Cloud migration banking

Integration with Core Banking

The financial industry continues to stand at the forefront of technology implementation. Many early adopters of the cloud were, in fact, banks and financial institutions.

As further possibilities came to light, problems with integration became more pronounced.

Without the cloud’s benefit, some applications would remain in isolated silos, making it incredibly challenging to glean any reliable analytics.

Not every company has the same tech maturity level, so at CPQi we help develop quick wins with integration. Furthermore, when leveraging our services a company won’t need to fully replace a legacy system when a careful, meticulous integration suffices.

At CPQi, integration is one of our key competencies. Cloud technologies are disruptive, and we have the experience to walk you through uncertain times.

But truly, one of the greatest unknowns today is a shifting landscape as different countries mandate a wide range of regulations. Managing privacy concerns alone remains problematic to plan for, but we’re up to the task.

Managing regulatory changes at a better price

Another feature of cloud technology in banking is managing regulation changes at a better price and improved efficiency. Data security and privacy remain top of mind for many institutions and government regulators.

Increasing resources and migrating to the cloud eliminates the need to rip out and replace entire systems and enterprise applications if regulations change. Without a cloud-based, flexible infrastructure, costs can skyrocket if privacy and data security laws keep evolving.

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Cloud digital transformation

Public or Private

The choice is yours. The principles remain the same, and your security is never jeopardized.

However, our consultants can help you make important decisions on whether you want your cloud-based platforms private or public.

Whatever your choice, our implementation teams will get you the best results, and the highest security.

Cloud Migration Services Made Simple

We can migrate your platforms onto the cloud for you using AI and DevOps to get the greatest return for your investment.

By any measure, cloud migrations are arduous and require domain expertise. Our team uses various techniques honed through experience to ensure that any cloud migration is a success.

The transformative nature of the cloud makes it critical to know where you’re going before you begin. Any migration requires a rigorous, tested approach to stay within budget.

Managing dependencies of applications is a common pain-point in the financial industry. Years of regulations made consumers’ data more secure and private but at the expense of interchangeability.

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Digital Transformation in Banking

Legacy Platforms

Migrating one application to the cloud could severely affect the way it interacts with a legacy application.

Managing on-premise IT resources becomes more mission-critical as more systems move to the cloud.

We use a holistic approach to cloud migrations that brings everyone to the table. Completing any cloud migration on-time and under-budget is challenging unless everyone contributes.

If you need a re-architecture of core applications, we can accommodate that requirement.

If you need help from other departments outside of IT, we can spearhead coordination between business lines. Every stakeholder must have a say when it comes to executing cloud migrations at a cost-efficient rate.

At CPQi, we’re specialists in AI and DevOps. We shepherd your banking systems to the cloud faster, more straightforward, and at a better value.

Reliable Implementation

CPQi has a proven track record of providing expert implementations to a range of industries.

Our clients trust that we will deliver on what our team promises: finishing the project on-time and under-budget.

A successful cloud implementation – one that propels a company to the next level – depends upon putting together a fantastic team from varied IT disciplines.

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Cloud migration services for banks

Flexible Delivery

Our IT architecture knowledge makes implementing the technology less cumbersome and reduces the risk that projects will go over-budget. Our experts excel at both technology and the banking industry’s nuances, from application developers to IT trainers. We’ll always understand the imperative financial institutions have to achieve excellence and distinction in a crowded industry.

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Invest in a sustainable framework with proven, long-term reliability.