My name is Mitchell and I’m a junior marketing analyst at CPQi.

Throughout my time with this company, I have gained many benefits for my career – both technically and interpersonally. From the emphasis on training to an innovative and supportive work environment, CPQi has provided me with the tools I needed to reach my full professional potential.

In this article, I will detail my experience as a junior marketing analyst working at a FinTech consulting firm, including how I got the job and the specific advantages of working for CPQi.

My Experience with CPQi as a Junior Marketing Analyst

My experience working at a consulting firm thus far has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Having held a deep interest in FinTech for a long time, choosing to apply for a position with a consulting firm in this industry was a clear choice. I began researching companies within the field, searching for one that could help me unite my interests and professional marketing analysis skills. From here I discovered CPQi, a multi-faceted FinTech company with equal parts consulting to development.

I knew accepting the position with CPQi would get my foot in the door; what I didn’t expect was how supportive my leadership team would be. Innovation is a core value and goal of CPQi and each of us is considered a valued team member with important insights and potential contributions to make.

Moreover, CPQi has offered me a lot of opportunities to learn and further my technical education. They place a large focus on each team member being well-versed in both finance and technology, and that is evident in the level of educational resources they present to us.

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How I Got the Job at CPQi

My journey to joining CPQi started with the completion of my degree. Completing a degree program was a foundational component of my success, as it fostered and developed my skills in marketing analysis and business.

As for learning about FinTech, this was an area of study I took up outside of my formal classes. I read and consumed as much information I could, from books and articles to online classes. This commitment to learning about FinTech was born out of my passion for the subject.

I quickly learned of the many ways my own area of expertise and FinTech overlapped. It became clear to me that I would not need to pick between my degree and my personal passion – I could have both by seeking employment as a marketing analyst within the industry.

A major part of my path to employment was networking. Networking played a large role in my discovery of CPQi. It was through networking with current employees at CPQi, their advice and encouragement that I came to apply, ultimately earning the role of junior marketing analyst.

What Stood Out to Me Most About This Company

As I embarked on my search for an employer, I had a few specific objectives in mind:

  1. Finding a company that enabled me to grow professionally and individually
  2. Build a professional network that I can rely on throughout my career
  3. Gain valuable support and mentorship from high-level professionals in my chosen industry

CPQi fulfilled all of these goals and more. Rather than creating an atmosphere of competition, CPQi encourages each of us to embrace a diverse range of ideas, fostering innovation from each and every department. This emphasis on collaboration has given me an invaluable interpersonal skill set that has heightened my professional adaptability immensely.

Additionally, the leadership at CPQi is exceptional. They are highly accessible and supportive of each team’s needs, finding creative solutions that enable each of us to operate at our full potential.


Working as a junior marketing analyst at CPQi has been nothing short of a dream job thus far. I have received amazing opportunities to work on major projects and connect with key professionals within FinTech and the related industries.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself – hey, I like the sound of this company – you should absolutely consider checking out the job opportunities offered by CPQi. This company is way more than just a consulting firm, with jobs in a wide variety of fields.

The CPQi team is incredibly responsive both through social platforms and via email, so get in touch with a member of our team today to learn more.

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