On the 4th and 5th of March 2019 the Digital Finance Institute will be hosting the AI World Forum in Toronto. The conference will bring together leaders froma round the world to discuss the future of AI. CPQI CEO and Founder, Terry Boyland, will discuss AI’s impact on financial institutions in his presentation “Don’t Waste Money on AI” March 4th from 9:40am-9:55am.

As the CEO and founder of a leading capital markets technology company with over 200 specialists working on a host of services, Terry Boyland is perfectly positioned to explain how and why artificial intelligence should be implemented with caution. His extensive years as a leader in the banking sector have given him a unique insight into the staggering losses made my businesses as they rush head first into new technologies.

Terry’s presentation will outline what companies are currently spending on AI and provide a unique perspective as to whether this spend has been worth it. Financial markets will benefit heavily from the progress AI is able to provide in risk management and trading assesments, so long as it is trained properly and there is a clear understanding of what AI is and isn’t able to do. By placing judgement purely in the hands of humans and training our AI systems in an intelligent way we can create measurable value in capital markets.

We hope to see you there.

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